A player named Bearded_Bear96 decided to spend 5 million gold in WoW to buy a mount that gives others access to the auction house and the ability to repair equipment. This amount of gold can be used to purchase 41 tokens that extend your subscription by one month.


  • one WoW player bought a mount worth 5 million gold to serve as a mobile auction house and repair shop;
  • The game community reacted to this deed with enthusiastic thanks;
  • In WoW, gold can also be used to buy game time tokens - currently the price of one token is a little over 121,000, which means that the amount spent on a mount is equivalent to three years of subscription.
  • In MMORPGs, sometimes one inconspicuous act can win us the favour of the community. A good example of this type of situation is the behavior of a certain World of Warcraft player, who spent five million gold to buy a rare mount - called the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur - which offers access to unique features.

This "mount" allows you to use the auction house and repair your equipment almost anywhere. Thanks to this, each time Bearded_Bear96 steps away from the keyboard, he becomes an independent character of sorts, allowing others to put up items for sale, oversee transactions and repair equipment without returning to town.

This is important because there is no auction house in the main city of the new expansion, so performing these seemingly ordinary activities requires some time-consuming travel between locations. The example of Bearded_Bear96 shows that with a little kindness and cooperation, players can find a way out of awkward situations.

It's worth noting that five million is a significant sum in WoW. In the auction house in World of Warcraft you can buy so-called tokens - special items that allow you to get additional game time without paying a subscription fee. As Audball59 writes on Reddit, one such token currently costs 121 181 gold and offers a month of fun, which is exactly the same as the subscription, for which you have to pay 10.99-12.99 euros (the price is lower if you pay in advance for a year of subscription). As you can easily count, the amount spent on Mighy Caravan Brutosaura translates into 41 tokens of this type, or about 450-530 euros (2-2.4 thousand zlotys). No wonder that many users decided to thank the kind player.

Good karma comes back and kindness is contagious. Other users find ways to repay Bearded_Bear - for example, by liking his post or declaring that they will also share their unique mount with other users when they cannot play themselves.

I feel bad every time I get on a mount to quickly buy something or check prices, and people nearby come to use it. I stay on the mount and wait for them to leave before I change mounts and leave. That doesn't happen near a mailbox. Thank you to my fellow players. In return for your kindness, I will now wait by the mailbox while I work from home. I only have to swipe my mouse every 20 minutes, but it's no big deal," writes linkysnow.