In online role-playing games like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV, we can experience hundreds of hours of fun, but the whole thing always takes its toll in the form of subscription fees. But that doesn't have to be the case, because some MMORPG games are playable without any purchase price. Such Free to Play MMORPG games offer equally magical worlds, different character classes and interesting stories. In return you have to work harder in other areas, but if you really don't want to spend any money on a game, you should take a closer look at these free MMORPG games. You'll find not only traditional fare, but also a cool sci-fi setting, martial arts-based gameplay, or retro fare inspired by Dungeons&Dragons.The best MMO titles, MMORPG and MOBA - Best of MMORPG: The best online role-playing games on the market - Release list: These MMORPGs and MMOs coming out in 2019 - Top MOBA: The 10 best free to play MOBA 2018 - MMO shooters: The 10 best online shooters of 2018.

What do MMORPG and MMO stand for?

The abbreviated term MMORPG actually stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This refers to games that you can play exclusively online, sometimes populating a persistent world with thousands of other players. Sometimes "RPG" is left out of the name if it has nothing to do with skills, attributes, roles or items with different values - then it is called an MMOG or simply MMO.

Table of Contents1Blade & Soul - the free MMORPG with a Wuxia setting2Neverwinter - Free to play MMORPG with the charm of a round of Dungeons&Dragons3Star Wars: The Old Republic - free MMORPG full of gripping stories4TERA - Korean action MMORPG with a great Free to Play principle5Guild Wars 2 - extensive Free to Play MMORPG free of grind

Blade & Soul - the free to play MMORPG with Wuxia setting

With a focus on Asian martial arts, the free MMO Blade & Soul stands out from other representatives of the genre. Source: NCSoft Do you want an MMORPG that wants to stand out from the genre representatives, then Blade & Soul is just right for you - if you are into martial arts. The online role-playing game from NCSoft relies heavily on elements of Wuxia (a genre of Chinese literature) and revolves around powerful heroes and magical stories in an Asian setting. Famous examples of wuxia in film include Tiger and Dragon and House of Flying Daggers, so you get the idea. Typical of a Korean MMO, there's plenty of grind involved if you don't want to pay for it. In this way, the most interesting content is often found in the higher character levels. But apart from that, you can expect a refreshing battle system as well as a magical world that invites you to explore.

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Neverwinter - Free to play MMORPG with the charm of a round of Dungeons&Dragons

If you're in a bit of a retro mood and can put up with some outdated technology, Neverwinter is an old-school MMORPG that even gives you the tools to build your own quests. The F2P MMORPG doesn't look as pretty by now, but makes up for it with a large world, exciting party content, and an engaging story. Just like in Guild Wars 2 and Tera, items from the in-game shop can also be obtained through in-game currency - this requires more grind, but in return you can save your wallet. Neverwinter is available for PC and now also PS4 Neverwinter regularly offers exciting new stories, which ensure that the free-to-play MMORPG is always worth a look. Source: Perfect World Read more: Neverwinter in review

Star Wars: The Old Republic - free MMORPG full of gripping stories

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers traditional MMORPG battles in a far away galaxy - you can enjoy the story for free. Source: buffed You can enjoy a gripping story for free with Star Wars: The Old Republic. The MMORPG from Bioware has already had a Free2Play variant since 2012, with which you can experience the original story before the expansions. It's rich with choices and, like the single-player Knights of the Old Republic titles, relies on the Light and Dark Side of the Force system. This way, you can play a nasty Jedi or even a moderate Sith. However, if you jump into the free-to-play variant of SW:TOR, be prepared to experience limitations throughout the game, be it in terms of species selection in the character editor, PvP content, or quest rewards. How much this ultimately bothers you is up to you to decide during your free trial.

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TERA - Korean Action MMORPG with a great Free to Play principle

If you want to plunge into an Asian MMORPG for a change, which offers tons of content despite the Free2Play system, the Korean online role-playing game TERA (short for The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is worth a look. The F2P version has no restrictions on the classes and races you can play. You can choose from 11 classes and seven different races. Although there is an ingame shop where you can leave real money, you can also buy everything from other players directly in the game. TERA is best known for its rather revealing outfits and armor, but if that doesn't bother you (or pique your interest), you can register and get started right away. Since 2018, by the way, you can also play the action MMO on console. Skin-tight outfits and massive weapons: Tera is a storybook example of Korean MMORPGs. Source: Gameforge More on the topic: Tera in a console test

Guild Wars 2 - Extensive Free to Play MMORPG Free of Grind

The Mesmer in Guild Wars 2 represents a unique illusionist class that keeps enemies on their toes with phantasms and doppelgangers. Source: NCsoft Originally, Arenanet's online role-playing game was a pure Buy2Play title, but since the end of 2015, those interested have also been able to explore the world of Tyria without having to put down a cent. In the free-to-play version, players will have to do without the content of the expansions (masteries, mounts, specialization classes), but the basic game is open to everyone. You can expect scenic areas, eight diverse character classes, unique races, and hundreds of hours of content through dungeons, events, collections, and the storyline surrounding the battle against the undead dragon Zhaitan. Guild Wars 2 offers content for every type of player - challenging group instances and events, varied solo exploration, an extensive crafting system, and an endless stream of outfits and clothing for fashion lovers.

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