Good news for fans of Borderlands 3 (buy now €32.97 ) who want or need to tackle the title without the support of RL friends: The RPG shooter will have its own matchmaking system in the endgame when it releases on September 13, 2019. In response to an IGN user's question, Gearbox's Borderlands 3 executive producer Chris Brock confirmed that players will have an easy time finding additional teammates in the endgame: "Matchmaking works on a 'per mode' basis: if you want to search for a match that specifically takes place in Proving Grounds or Circle of Slaughter modes, you can do that. "Gearbox hasn't revealed exactly how matchmaking will work, however. So we don't know if Gearbox will include specific lobbies in the game and how hosting will take place. Nevertheless: No matter how the matchmaking looks like in the finished game, it should definitely be an enrichment for the game principle - which already relied significantly on co-op in the predecessor.

Because Borderlands 3 also holds up the co-op flag to the maximum, matchmaking comes as a welcome addition that players still had to do without in Borderlands 2. Back then, fans could only awkwardly arrange co-op games in forums or via the Steam community. But because Borderlands traditionally only unfolds its full charm when a team of four players unleashes a brilliant action firework on the screen and gives the various enemies a run for their money with curious weapon-ability combos, matchmaking comes late - but that's still better than never, isn't it?