Find out what you can do to represent Europe in the second ever TFT World Championship - qualifying starts soon.

With the Teamfight Tactics: Fates Championship already looming on the horizon, it's time for Europe to gear up and get ready to do battle with the rest of the world. Our first global tournament was well attended, and now we're proud to welcome all players old and new to the next European Qualifiers. But remember, it was KCDouble61 from France who won the last World Championship title, so the bar has been set really high for the whole region.The second TFT Championship will start in January, so we want to give you all the details on how to qualify for this tournament. As all three players from Europe did very well at the last championship tournament, we want to continue the qualification process in the same way with just a few changes.

QualificationWhat has changed? The first change is that this time players from Turkey will have the opportunity to take part in the European Qualifiers, as the TR server will be linked to the EUW, EUNE and CIS servers for the tournament.We want to give as many players as possible a chance, so players from all four regions can qualify. We will be rewarding players for their place in the ranking ladder, but players will also have to show their skills in the climactic final round to get into the championship.The top 64 players from Europe - including 40 players from EUW, 10 from EUNE, 10 from TR, and 4 from CIS - will enter the final qualifying phase to compete for a place in the championship.The other change that should appeal to those with ambitious dreams is more seats in this year's championship. From the 16 available spots in the Galaxies Championship, we have made 24, and with Europe being the strongest region, the number of available spots has doubled. Out of our top 64 players, as many as 6 will have the chance to face the best players on this planet.The qualification process will begin with a patch that will be released on January 18 and will introduce a soft reset of the rankings. The qualification cycle itself will begin on Tuesday, January 26 at 00:01 CET.

It will run for four weeks with a three-registration ladder status that will indicate the top ranked players from that week. Registration will take place every Monday - i.e. February 8, 15 and 22 - at 23:59 CET and will include the top 150 players of the week from EUW, 100 each from TR and EUNE and the top 50 from CIS. The results will be published online at, although this may take up to 5 days.The top players will earn points based on their performance - a maximum of 60 points will be awarded to the top 10 players. However, to claim these points, a player must play at least 10 games in a week.The table below gives the full points award scheme. In the event of a tie, the place occupied in the ladder in the previous week will determine the order of the players. Players who are ineligible to participate in the tournament, such as those using secondary accounts or coming from other regions, will be considered for points but will be excluded from the final ranking.

The final will start with the first round, which will be played over two days. Each day will feature 6 rounds with no points reset between days, ensuring that the best players will be at the top of the ladder.In each round, players will earn points based on where they finished. Selection in the first round will be based on the performance of players on the local servers, while in subsequent rounds players will be selected in the waiting room based on the number of points they have accumulated.Position12345678Points108764321After each day, players from the top half of the ladder will move on to the next stage of the competition, which will reduce the number of finalists to 16 before the start of Round 2. As a reminder, the points earned by players will not be reset between Day 1 and Day 2.Any ties will be decided on the basis of SOS points (total points earned by all opponents in all previous waiting rooms / total number of games played by all opponents in all previous waiting rooms). SOS points will be used when picking opponents in each turn, and will also be conclusive when determining final scores. In the rare case that two players get the same score and the same number of SOS points, the tie will be decided randomly.We will then move on to Round 2 on March 13, during which the 16 finalists will be split between two 8-player waiting rooms based on their scores from the previous weekend. All scoring will be reset and all participants will start their battle for a spot in the championship from scratch.Players will play 4 games in each waiting room, collecting points for their placements, and then the top four players from each waiting room will form the final eight. Fifth and sixth place players will get a second chance, qualifying for the last chance group.

March 14 will be the day of determination. All points will be reset and the eight finalists will play three matches to battle it out for the most points. The top four players will secure their place in the TFT: Fates World Championship, while the four remaining players will move on to the last chance group with the 5th and 6th place players from the previous round. After another points reset, these eight players will have one more chance to qualify for the championship, except that only the top two will join the six-man European team.In both cases, ties during the final will be decided based on the results from the last waiting room.Place taken12345678Points108754321The winner will also take the lion's share of the €30,000 prize pool, which will be distributed among the finalists as follows:Winner: €15,0002. Place: 5000€3. Place: 3rd place: 3000€4. 2nd place: 2000€5. 1st place: 1500 Euro6. 1st place: 1500 Euro7. Place: 1000 Euro8. Place: 1000 EurosIf one of the finalists is unable to attend the World Championships, the player with the next highest score will take his place.As last year's qualifiers showed, every match is worth watching. Therefore, it is worth noting that Round 1 matches will only be viewable via players' private broadcasts, while the final will be broadcast officially.The official rules for the final will be announced at the end of March, once the tournament platform for the competition is available. All 64 qualified players will have to register on this platform in order to take part in the tournament, and our administrators will post the up-to-date results there.We continue to improve our e-sports scene because we want to bring you exciting tournaments and listen to your feedback. After the fantastic performance of the European team in last year's championship, we can't wait to see the achievements of our amazing players this year.The rules for participating in the European qualifiers are given in the TFT Global Player Policy.


What are the main differences between this year's qualifiers and last year's qualifiers? This year's competition is open to players using TR servers.The championship will feature 24 players instead of 16. From Europe, 6 players will qualify for the championship instead of 3.Format change: 64 players from 4 different regions will qualify for the final. The final qualifier will be split into 2 rounds. Of the 64 players participating in the first round, only 16 will make it to the second round.After the second round we will know who will represent Europe at the championship.The prize pool is 30,000 euros.

Sorry, but you will not get the Little Legends eggs this time.Does this mean that the final in Europe will be spread over 2 weeks?That's right. Round 1 will be played on March 6-7 and Round 2 on March 13-14.Where can I find the rules and regulations?The official rules for the finals will be made available at the end of March when we release the tournament hub for the competition.When will qualifying start?Qualifying will start on January 23 at 00:01 CET after the new patch is released on January 18. We want to give players a few days to "warm up" and get used to the new patch before the competition starts on January 22 at 23:59. We strongly encourage everyone to play at least 2 ranked games during the warm-up period to link your account to our progress tracking system. You will be required to play at least 10 games each week of qualifying in order to claim points for winning that week.Do I need to apply to participate?You do not need to specifically apply to participate in qualifying. One of the reasons for the decision to implement an automated qualifying ladder process is to invite our entire community to participate.

However, please note that the top players in the overall ranking at the end of the 4-week qualification period will have to register on the tournament platform to confirm their participation in the finals. When will ladder status be registered? Ladder status will be registered on the following dates:1. Ladder status registration: 8th of February at 23:59 CET2. Ladder condition registration: 15th Feb at 23:59 CET3. Ladder condition registration: 22nd Feb at 23:59 CETLast game of the day: Each week all games started before 23:58 CET will be counted. For example: if a game starts on the 7th of February at 23:50 CET and finishes on the following day (e.g. at 00:32 on the 8th of February), it will be included in the first Ladder Status Registration.Players may use publicly available ladder monitoring platforms as a guide, but only Riot data will be considered official and will be used to prepare both the Weekly Leaderboard and the Overall ranking. The weekly leaderboard will be available within 3-5 days after the ladder status has been recorded on the Discord server provided for this tournament. The overall ranking will be published after the 4-week qualification.

Do I automatically qualify for the finals if I am among the top players on the server at the end of week 4? Being among the top players on the server at the end of week 4 will not guarantee participation in the finals. Tournament administrators will update the weekly leaderboard and award achievement points after recording the weekly ladder status. If you unexpectedly find yourself at the top of the EUW server ladder in week 4, it does not necessarily mean that you have qualified. The overall ranking is based on the performance of players in each week.Can I try to qualify on more than one server? RU CIS > for players from the region based on where they live.TR > for players from the whole country based on where they live.Other players: you can qualify on both EUW and EUNE servers. However, since the number of spots on each server is limited, the player will have to decide what is better for them: to play on several servers, risking a qualification fiasco, or rather spend more time on one server to increase their chances of making it to the finals.

Moreover, points are awarded every week. This means that such a player, in order to qualify after the 4-week period, would have to keep their accounts ranked high on the server and play at least 10 matches per week on each account. If a player qualifies on both servers on different accounts, the account with the highest score will be taken into consideration, and the others will be removed from the ranking.At this point, it should be noted that competition in the tournament is governed by the TFT Global Player Policy. In this document, Riot Games restricts participation on the server according to the permanent residency rules.Can I change my summoner name during qualification?

You must keep your summoner name until the end of the qualification period. If you change it, we will not associate the old name with the new one and there will be no accumulation of points.What are you going to do with smurf accounts and extra accounts?During the 4-week qualification period, we will allocate points based on data obtained from our platform. We will then scout the top 64 players from each ladder to identify and flag additional accounts. Once the ladder competition is complete, we will remove any additional accounts. Of course, if you have multiple accounts, the points will not add up.Does this mean that the ladder state will include accounts that don't qualify for the finals? Yes, in the ladder state of the week you will see the rankings taken directly from our platform. They may therefore include additional accounts, unauthorized accounts and toxic player accounts. The official and final overall rankings will be announced at the end of the 4-week qualification period. Furthermore, please do not rely on the state of the ladder each week or any other preliminary lists of players published by Riot or the community as the final rankings as we will remove players who do not meet the qualification rules, additional accounts, and players who do not contact Riot to confirm their participation or are caught by the behavioral systems. The official list of 64 qualified players will be announced in late February.