J. Allen Brack commented on the future of the Warcraft series. The CEO of Blizzard assured that the company intends to develop the brand not only within the World of Warcraft.

For 16 years, World of Warcraft allows millions of players to traverse the lands of Azeroth and it does not promise to change after the release of the Shadowlands add-on. Unfortunately, even more time has passed since the debut of the last full-fledged installment of the strategic series, which began the history of Warcraft. No other high-budget productions bearing the brand's logo appeared during this period - only spin-offs (Hearthstone) and a remake of Warcraft III (not particularly successful, by the way). After such a long lethargy, is there a chance for Azeroth to receive something other than MMORPGs and cards?

As it turns out - there is, and quite a big one. In the report summarizing the last fiscal quarter J. Allen Brack (Blizzard CEO) revealed to investors that the company wants to expand the team responsible for Warcraft. This is partly to ensure that the company manages to deliver new content for WoW (including the Classic variant). However, this is only part of the plans for Azeroth. In fact, Brack added that World of Warcraft is purely a part of a "huge brand" and Blizzard is looking to deliver "new experiences" associated with it:

We've talked before about plans to expand the development teams, and after the release of Shadowlands we intend to deliver even more content, both in the modern game [i.e. World of Warcraft - author's note] and in [the] Classic version. [...] However, we think of Warcraft as a huge brand, and WoW is just a part of that. We are always looking for ways to express Warcraft through new experiences, and we see a lot of opportunities for growth in 2021 and beyond.

This type of promises are vague and noncommittal, even when directed to investors. Therefore, it is better to approach them with a large dose of caution. However, this does not stop us from dreaming about what Blizzard is preparing. Pessimists would probably point to the mobile production or spin-off, and it can not be excluded that this is the context in which the company is thinking about the development of the brand. However, it may well be about a truly high-budget productions. Perhaps after more than 16 years we finally get Warcraft IV? Or maybe the dreams of a story-driven, single-player RPG, action game, etc. will finally come true? It's possible that such speculations will have to last for a long time, especially in the face of the ongoing epidemic, which also affects game developers.