In the course of BlizzCon 2021, Blizzard

promised us the original bosses for the raid instances of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic (with a few exceptions). In other words, most of the mitigations and simplifications implemented over the course of the TBC era should not be active in TBC Classic when the respective bosses are playable for the first time.

On the one hand, the developers are taking a different approach with the TBC re-release than they did in WoW (buy now €14.99 )

Classic. On the other hand, it must of course be noted that this topic for a TBC Classic is also much more relevant than it was the case with a WoW Classic. While in the vanilla era there were almost only bug fixes and hardly any real "nerfs" for raid bosses, in Burning Crusade it was part of the red design thread that dungeon and raid challenges were noticeably weakened afterwards, so that there will definitely not be a Naxxramas 2.0 (very few players had actually seen the original Naxxramas instance from the inside before the TBC release in 2007).

But what does this mean for the upcoming Burning Crusade Classic Phase 2? After all, the raid bosses from Phase 1 weren't too much of a challenge for most guilds in their release version. We'll tell you below! Note: On the PTR, the upcoming raid instances had a crude mix of original and custom mechanics. Only the final live version will reveal exactly what to expect.

The most important nerfs for the eye in the Fortress of Storms

While there are only four bosses in Eye of the Storm Fortress, the raid instance has been given some of the most glaring mechanic tweaks.

Changes from Patch 2.1

  • The health of all (!) non-boss enemies has been reduced.
  • The damage done by some trash enemies has been reduced tremendously, and some trash abilities have also been adjusted or removed (such as the Astromancer's pressure wave).
  • Arcane Resistance is now more effective against Solarian's attacks.
  • Solarian now summons fewer agents in the trash phase, and they deal less damage.
  • Solarian now has significantly less health.
  • The fight against Al'ar now works differently. Instead of 6 platforms, the bird can now only move to 4 platforms. Also, the boss now moves clockwise from platform to platform. Previously, Al'ar could land on any of the platforms.
  • Al'ar's health has been reduced, and the boss also loses 2 percent of its health each time a small phoenix bird dies.

Changes from Patch 2.2

  • The Wrath of the Astromancer debuff has been redesigned. This now no longer increases Arcane spell damage and jumps to other players. Instead, there is now a "You are the Bomb" effect that flings you up and carries nearby players with it.
  • Mal of Solarian has been renamed and no longer lowers arcane resistance.
  • Some trash enemies have been simplified.

Changes from Patch 2.3

  • The health of Kael'thas' four advisors has been reduced by 10 percent.
  • The health of Kael'thas' weapons has been reduced by 10 percent.

Changes from Patch 2.4

  • Kael'thas can now be challenged even if all other bosses have not been defeated.

Changes from patch 3.0.2 (WotLK pre-patch)

  • All bosses and trash enemies in Fortress of Storms now have less health and deal less damage.

Key nerfs for the Serpent Shrine

End boss Lady Vashj, in particular, was an extremely hard hitter back in the un-merged version. But many other areas of the raid instance have also been toned down over time.

Changes from Patch 2.1

  • Respawn timer from Hydross and Pump Station trash increased from 45 to 120 minutes.
  • Health, aggro range, and range for Cry for Reinforcement have been reduced on the trash.
  • In addition, certain trash groups and enemies have been noticeably weakened. For example, Serpentshrine lurkers can now be banned and feared, and they no longer spawn their mushrooms quite as frequently.
  • Lady Vashj no longer used mind control in phase 3.
  • Fighting Hydross has been toned down (Adds and Boss have less health, Hydross no longer hits as hard).
  • Chaos Strike from Leothera's demon form has been adjusted to allow more melee fighters to approach the boss in this phase.
  • Leotheras' health points have been lowered.
  • Inner Demons from the fight against Leotheras could be killed more easily.

Changes from Patch 2.2

  • Various trash enemies have been further simplified. Sporesailers no longer charge as often, Priests of the Lizard Cauldron no longer use a Spirit of Redemption, Nethermages blink less often, and so on.

Changes from Patch 2.4

  • Lady Vashj can now be challenged even if all other bosses have not been defeated.

Changes from patch 3.0.2 (WotLK pre-patch)

  • All bosses and trash enemies in the Serpentshrine now have less health and deal less damage.
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