Bethesda developers have become known for releasing games or demos right during their E3 press conference, or at least shortly after. This is also what happened at E3 2019, because you can now download The Elder Scrolls Blades on your iOS or Android devices - and for free. The action role-playing game for on the go takes you into the world of The Elder Scrolls, which you cleanse of all sorts of enemy vermin with sword and magic. So far, only the closed beta test was running, which caused problems for some players, but as of now, everyone can get to the valiant fighter who likes.

If that wasn't enough, The Elder Scrolls Blades will also be released for free on Nintendo's Switch console in the fall of 2019. The great thing about it: Blades not only allows cross-play, but also cross-progression across all platforms. In other words, it doesn't matter which device you log in on. If you spontaneously switch from your smartphone to the Switch or tablet, you can still continue to play with your hero that you previously upgraded on mobile. This is especially interesting for those of you who want to take off on the Switch in the fall, but want to try out The Elder Scrolls Blades before then. We hope you enjoy it and have fun hunting down the filthy scum that wants to get in your way! Make sure to grab the game as soon as possible, because there will be in-game gifts from the developers at E3!