Blizzard published an extensive description of changes to the PvP mode in the expansion World of Warcraft: Legion. In the expanded news you will find an overview of the most important of them. The add-on will come out in the summer of 2016.

World of Warcraft: Legion will introduce a number of changes to the PvP mode. - World of Warcraft: Legion - changes to the PvP mode - news - 2015-12-18World of Warcraft: Legion will introduce a number of changes to the PvP mode.

Blizzard is accustomed to making various changes to the mechanics of its titles on the occasion of minor and major updates and expansions, testing new solutions and adapting the game to the requirements of users. It will be no different in the case of the next expansion to the flagship MMO of the American company - World of Warcraft. The official website has recently published an extensive entry detailing the changes that Legion will introduce to the PvP mode.

First of all, for honor and conquest points we will no longer be able to buy weapons. Instead, after reaching the maximum level of experience, our character will begin to gain honor points for battles played on the battlefields and arenas, which will allow us to increase the level of honor, up to 50. For advancing we'll receive gold, powers for our artifact and useful only in PvP mode honor talents. Their function is to complement the standard talents, expanding our range of behavior during battles and diversifying the strategies used by players. We will gain them one by one as we reach higher levels of honor.

Equipment will also undergo major changes. When we join a PvP instance our stats will be reset to zero and in exchange we'll receive a predetermined set of bonuses tailored to our specialization. All modifiers resulting from the possession of the set, spells or legendary bonuses will also be disabled. This does not mean that during the duels all players of a particular class will have identical equipment. Depending on the level of our items we'll receive small modifiers to different stats, so as to properly differentiate the entire game.

Motivations of Blizzard in the case of these changes seem quite clear. American publisher and developer wants to level the playing field for all fighting in PvP mode, so that the victory will be determined primarily by the players' skills and the ability to use the strengths of their character class, rather than possession of specific equipment.

In addition, there will be changes to the system of awarding equipment for participation in battles and the way of accounting for seasonal achievements. There will also be introduced prestige points, which will reset the level of honor and allow for further acquisition of honor points in PvP battles. We will also receive unique skins, mounts and other accessories. You can read more about all the changes at this link. According to previous information, World of Warcraft: Legion should be released in summer 2016.

World of Warcraft is an MMO game produced by the American company Blizzard Entertainment. Its action takes place after the events presented in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, in the world created in 1994 for Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. Playing World of Warcraft requires paying a monthly subscription fee in addition to purchasing the game itself.