Today at 17.00 on the European servers WoW Tokens will be introduced, special items that can be used to extend your account subscription by 30 days or sold in the auction house, thus gaining a significant cash injection.

Information about the introduction of the possibility to pay for a subscription to World of Warcraft with in-game gold appeared almost half a year ago, but we had to wait for official confirmation until March, when Blizzard revealed the details of this solution. Already two weeks ago we informed that this option was introduced on servers dedicated to North America, South and Oceania. From the official message of the creators we learned that the service will be enabled on European servers today at 17.00.

WoW Tokens are special items that can be used in two ways: to extend the account subscription by 30 days or to sell them in the auction house, which will bring a significant injection of cash. The first option is designed for active players who do not complain about the lack of gold in the game, but do not want to spend real money. The second option, on the other hand, is for people who are more wealthy in real life, but do not have time for tedious collection of in-game currency. One Token will cost 20 euros or 15 pounds (about 80 PLN). Unfortunately, for European players, this is another case of converting dollars = euros. On American servers Tokens are available for $20, which even taking into account the recent strong dollar, is a much lower price than in Europe, especially if we look at it from the Polish perspective. It's worth mentioning that Tokens are permanently tied to the region in which they were purchased. In practice this means that an American player cannot give or sell a WoW Token to a player from a European server.

If an item is bought or sold through an auction house, its starting price will be 35,000 gold. However, this is only the "starting price", its later value will vary according to supply and demand. There is also a limit of 10 Tokens that one player can buy in the shop within 30 days. However, this number may change in the future.

It is worth considering the purpose of introducing this type of option to the game. Undoubtedly, it is about stopping the decline in the number of players. The analysis of the number of World of Warcraft subscribers indicates that in recent years, their number decreased from 12 to less than 7 million. The situation was improved by the release of the latest addition to the game - Warlords of Draenor - but we do not know whether the players who purchased subscriptions immediately after its release stayed in the game for longer. The latest data we have is from the last quarter of 2014. Blizzard's actions show that it wants to keep players on its servers at all costs. Fortunately, so far, this means only good news for every fan of the world of Azeroth.