With the introduction of the Tradition Armors, Blizzard started a few years ago to provide the different races in WoW with armors that thematically and visually matched the respective races. The trick was that they were completely independent of the armor class and accordingly can be worn by all classes of the respective race. In return, however, they are only accessible to the respective class. Humans, for example, can't wear Dwarven traditional armor, and Tauren can't wear Blood Elf traditional armor - actually.

As it now turns out, this is possible in a roundabout way. Namely via the character service. This allows you to change your race - for hard Euros, of course. Actually, after the character change, you no longer have access to the originally earned traditional armor, because it belongs to a different race. So far, so good. However, there is one exception, as it turns out. When you change races, the system does not change the armor you are currently wearing or its transmog. So if you mog your armor into your current tradition armor before the change, you will still wear it afterwards. However, you may then no longer put on new items, because these moggen, no longer works.

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Of course, the whole thing goes not only from Blutelfe to Taure but also with any other folk change. Whether that's really nice is another story, of course. And even if it is, no one is likely to permanently change their char back and forth to get access to a different tradition armor. Whereas - there are always a few crazy people.

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