It's that time again: while many fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next WoW expansion, the first round of this year's Arena World Championships, quasi the PvP World Championships of Azeroth, will begin in March 2022. As Blizzard announced on the official WoW website, the first Cup will take place from March 18 to 20, 2022. We have summarized all the important information about it for you.

Competition level "has never been so high"

PvP fans can look forward to particularly high-caliber matches, according to Adrian Archer-Lock, the associate product manager of the WoW esports department at Blizzard. Archer-Lock promised the community, "The teams have gotten better and better as more and more organizations get involved. The level of competition has never been this high in the history of the AWC."

The first Cup, which will take place this coming weekend, will gather a total of 500 players from Europe and North America who will try to be among the best eight players in their respective regions. The weekly prize money at this Cup, which will be followed by three more, is 10,000 US dollars. Players who finish in the top eight will advance to the next round and compete for a spot in the Global Finals and a share of the $700,000 prize pool.

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The three other Cups will take place on March 25-26, April 1-3, and April 8-10, 2022. All Cups will be broadcast on the official WoW YouTube channel and the stream will start at 19:00 German time in each case. The players will compete in a double knockout system with a best-of-five match.

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