When it comes to fresh servers for WoW Classic, here's what we know so far: 1) Blizzard will eventually open new WoW Classic servers where vanilla fans can start from scratch one more time. There will probably even be some sort of seasonal system with cycles lasting between 6 and 22 months. 2) Blizzard wants to implement new features and changes on the new Classic servers, based on community feedback

, that weren't there when WoW Classic first launched. 3) More info on this should be coming "soon".

Since it is clear that there will be fresh Classic servers and that for these #nochanges is off the table and there could even be #alotofchanges instead of #somechanges, Vanilla fans discuss on the net about which changes and innovations would be fully great and which not. Asmongold (the biggest WoW streamer and youtuber) has contributed a particularly extensive wish list via Twitter.

Asmongold's wishes for fresh WoW Classic servers

Asmongold has the following items on his wish list for fresh WoW Classic servers:

  • Blizzard needs to stop boosting by mages, alternatively other experience point sources should be buffed significantly (even more if you level a twink)
  • More customization options in character creation
  • New raid instances like the Karazhan Crypt, the Dragon Isles, Vanilla Outland, a Scarlet Crusade raid and so on
  • Tougher tuning and new mechanics for the familiar bosses
  • World buff ban in raid instances
  • No cap on debuffs
  • Improved class balancing so playstyles like retaliation, balance, and protection (paladin) are competitive
  • No honor system and no rank 14 grind. Arenas and rated battlegrounds instead
  • Free reskilling
  • Guild banks
  • Collection for mounts and companions
  • Summoning stones
  • Possibly new classes like Demon Hunter and Death Knight
  • AoE shooting like in retail WoW
  • New minigames like in Darkmoon Faire or Gold Saucer (Final Fantasy 14)
  • Achievement system with rewards for meta account achievements
  • Premade group search like in Retail WoW
  • Events with rare enemies in the open world that are difficult and rewarding
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Improved threat indicator
  • Expanded professions
  • Improved balance of people skills
  • Day and night changes and weather that has a more noticeable effect
  • New dungeons with increased difficulty level
  • No combat addons
  • Faster revives in combat
  • More flight routes
  • Possible focus as a resource for hunters
  • Customization of consumable item design (such as with TBC limits)
  • Mail reaches the recipient immediately
  • No spell-batching
  • New epic quest lines like the opening of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Puzzles with jump passages
  • New zones
  • More quests with in-game sequences set to music
  • Forced balance of factions on PvP servers (maximum ratio 55/45)

This wishlist has already been commented on extensively by various other streamers, such as Sno and Zirene, by Sarthe, and by Staysafe. Spoiler: Not all of the wishes are well received everywhere. Now we want to know from you: Would you want to play a WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

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