The more BC Classic players venture into the final content, the more they notice what content from upcoming patches is already in the game. The re-release of TBC is based on patch 2.5.1 and thus includes the raid and class adjustments. That said, BC Classic is divided into five phases and some content is coming to the game later.

Items like epic gems, which weren't actually introduced until Black Temple, can still be found in the game already. Jewelcrafting recipes like Template: Alternate Skyfire Diamond have also already been found. This meta gem recipe was actually introduced in patch 2.3 (patch 2.3 content doesn't actually appear until phase 4, along with Zul'Aman).

This find is especially pleasing to spellcasting classes. Template: Alternate Skyfire Diamond drops with a fairly high probability from the Sirens of the Lizard Scar in Shadowmoon Vale, granting the wearer a +12 critical strike rating and a three percent increase in critical damage.

In the original version of TBC, spellcasting classes also relied on the three percent increased critical damage of the meta gem, but had to settle for the melee version of Relentless Earthstorm Diamond and wear the +12 mobility version until patch 2.3. Even then, casters didn't benefit from agility much at all. In BC Classic, the Changeable Skyfire Diamond makes life easier for spellcasting classes, who can now do a bit more damage and become even more valuable to meta-skinned helms.

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