Anyone who currently wants to transfer a character from one server to another realm in World of Warcraft pays 25 euros per character transfer. Players who have been with the game for a long time often have not only one avatar, but a whole regiment, which in the best case even supports each other in their professions. With two, three, four character transfer bookings, the price quickly skyrockets.

The good news: In the official forum of World of Warcraft, Community Manager Kaivax announced a few hours ago character transfer packages, with which players can bring several characters of an account to a new realm at a reduced price. The announcement specifically states:

"In an upcoming update to World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 ) and the in-game store, we will begin offering character transfer packages at a reduced price. These packages will allow players to select multiple characters from the same account and transfer them together to a destination realm with a single purchase.

We've been controlling the availability and price of character transfers very closely for a long time, so that strong communities can develop on the realms and players have the option to switch realms at the same time. We will soon release information on the availability date, sizes, and prices of these packages.

Thank you very much. "

As soon as the character transfer packs are available and there is exact information about the price of the packs, we will update this message for you.

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