Flying has always been a big theme in World of Warcraft. In recent years, players have unlocked flying through various sources. In the very beginning, we could just buy the flying permit with gold, but later on the Pathfinder achievement came into play, which required a little more effort on our part. In Shadowlands, you don't have to work as hard to fly. Blizzard explains what requirements you'll need to meet in an official preview


Broadly speaking, the announcement can be summed up in a few sentences: To unlock flying in patch 9.1, you'll need to reach fame level 44 and complete The Final Seal chapter of your Covenant campaign. As a reward, you will receive Memories of Sunless Skies. Click on the item and voila - flying in Shadowlands is unlocked account-wide! Keep in mind, however, that flying is not available in all areas of Shadowlands. You can read more about this topic in this article.

Ready to Take Off: Learn to fly in Chains of Domination

Earn your wings and a special pact mount in the next major content update, Chains of Domination! In Shadowlands, instead of having to struggle with a "Pathfinder" achievement like previous expansions, you'll be able to earn your flying skill early on in the latest chapters of the Pact campaign.

By completing a quest within the "The Last Seal" storyline, you will receive the Sunless Sky Memories as a reward. This consumable item allows all characters on your account to purchase the riding skill needed to fly within the four main zones of Shadowlands.

Learn what you can currently do to be fully ready to take to the skies in Chains of Domination right now.


Your pact is the wind beneath your wings. Therefore, you must prove your absolute loyalty and reach fame level 44 before you can take off. Make sure you reach Fame Level 40 before the release of Chains of Domination. This will allow you to focus your efforts directly on the levels that will be unlocked with the content update.

Having a hard time reaching Fame level 40 before the release of Chains of Domination? Don't worry: with the release of the content update, previous sources of fame will grant more and faster fame than they currently do.


Before you can spread your wings, you'll need to complete the latest chapters of your Pact Campaign, up to and including "The Final Seal" (Chapter 12 of the Pact Campaign). This chapter is unlocked at fame level 44, which is available from the second week of Chains of Domination. You currently have nine chapters to complete. You can see your current progress in the Map & Quest Log view (shortcut: L) in the top right corner of the active window.

Ready to wrap up your Covenant campaign? Prepare for your journey with these guides from Wow (buy now 14,99 € ) head!
Kyrians | Necrolords | Night Fae | Venthyr

If you do not manage to complete all of the current chapters, you can still play the latest storylines in Chains of Domination. To do so, all you need to do is complete your pact's introductory quest line and unlock the Runemason. That said, be sure to catch up on the skipped chapters as soon as possible, as they are a reliable source of fame, which you will in turn need to unlock the Flight skill and other coveted rewards.


Your heroic deeds for the Pact will also earn you a mount worthy of a Pact champion at fame level 45. Kyrians glide through the skies on the back of the Elysian Aquilon, Night Fae ride majestic wolf serpents, Necrolords charge into battle on corpse flies, and Venthyr take to the skies on recently awakened Stoneborn.

The Pact Campaign and Bolvar's Quest Series

As for the Covenant Campaign, you don't need to have completed the nine chapters to begin the new story section (Chapter 9 through Chapter 18). All you need in patch 9.1 is to complete the introductory quest and the Runemason. You can catch up on the beginning story of your pacts later. The first chapters are still important because you need them to reach fame level 80.

Bolvar's long quest line in Torghast also has a shortcut in patch 9.1. Bolvar will allow you to skip the entire quest line around Torghast in the upcoming update. More information about this can be found in this article

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