The Dread Lords are an enigmatic race whose true origins have been a mystery for a long time. At one time the Nathrezim were in league with the Void Lords, later they joined Sargeras and the Burning Legion, and a few years ago, for the first time in WoW history, we encountered a Dread Lord serving the forces of Light. Their devious nature has caused plenty of speculation and wild fan theories in the WoW community since Warcraft 3. Who are they working for? What are their goals? In Shadowlands, the World of Warcraft developers solved at least part of the mystery surrounding the Nathrezim. For if you take a closer look in Revedreth, you'll find the strange book Hostile Infiltration - Foreword with all sorts of exciting information about the true nature of the Dread Lords.

The grey eminences of WoW

In the 2009 WoW comic Ashbringer, a Dreadlord speaks the true name of his people for the first time. They call themselves Thal'kituun, which means unseen guests.
Source: Blizzard
The author of the book reports that the Nathrezim have successfully infiltrated the other cosmic domains. The author confirms that the Dread Lords (they call themselves Thal'kituun, meaning unseen guests) long ago allied with the Void Lords and divided the Titan pantheon

. We already know this story from the Warcraft Chronicles.

The Nathrezim also have spies at the Domain of Light and Life. These agents are preparing the next stage of the grand plan that the Dread Lords have been pursuing for millennia. Exactly what that plan is, we don't know. However, at BlizzCon 2021, Jeremy Feasel, Principle Game Designer in his own right, revealed that the Dungeon Master is involved in their plans and that we will learn more about it in Korthia, the new area in the Maw in Patch 9.1. Feasel thus indirectly confirmed the fan theory that the Dread Lords play a far greater role in the story of WoW (buy now € 14.99 )

than previously suspected.

Jeremy Feasel in an interview with The Starting Zone:

"For all of those big story quest chunks [in the Maw] that you're going to be getting and unlocking as you gain Renown, what are pieces of repeatable content that we can unlock with each of those? You'll find that unlocking certain levels of those will unlock different activities that you can do within Korthia, as well as a later on chapter delves into some characters that start to show up in Chains of Domination that we maybe have talked about a little bit before, but really start to make an impact down in here, our old friends the Dreadlords return and we're going to be going into their story and what are they doing here and who are they working for and that'll unlock their own series of content as well."

The trail of the Nathrezim leads us to the top of the Unseen Guests. In this tower you will find the ominous book Hostile Infiltration - Preface. Source: wowhead The whole thing makes perfect sense! According to the tales of the Shadowlands, the Nathrezim are the children of Count Denathrius

. The Lord of Revendreth created them in the course of a curious experiment with shadow and death magic in the laboratories of Fall. The birth of the Dread Lords so enraged the Light that they attacked the Shadowlands and reduced the Count's court to rubble.

The Nathrezim take great pleasure when living beings suffer. Sadism is at the core of their being. At this point, there is a clear parallel to the other children of Denathrius - the Venthyr, who also find suffering and torture intoxicating. The Nathrezim, then, are not demons or servants of the Void, but form a separate faction belonging to the Domain of Death. If the Count did indeed create them in Revendreth, then the Nathrezim were born in close proximity to the Maw. So the dungeon master was only a stone's throw away for them. So it was only a matter of time that the chief villain of Shadowlands and the Nathrezim would ally.

Both seek to destroy the existing order and elevate death above all other powers. The Dread Lords smuggled the cursed artifacts - the Crown of Dominance and Frostmourne - from the Shadowlands and were complicit in the creation of the Scourge. They infiltrated the other domains and pacts, weakening them considerably. If their grand plan works out, then the Nathrezim, along with the Dungeon Master, can create a new world where they control the fate of mortals and make them suffer at will.

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