You may have noticed: My guild from TBC Classic broke up some time ago and I am currently hardly online. The latter, however, also has other reasons. Little Fabian was born recently and has kept us busy ever since. With New World and Diablo 2 Resurrected, two time-consuming games came out recently that wanted to be played extensively. I'm currently trying out Lost Ark for the first time, which will soon enter the closed beta phase. And with Deadlands for The Elder Scrolls Online and Endwalker for Final Fantasy 14, two of my favorite WoW alternatives are getting new content soon.

So recently, a good buddy asked me, "Why don't you use the guild crash to draw a line in TBC Classic? You already mastered TBC back then. Then you'll have more time for all the other stuff, and you'll be all the more excited when Blizzard announces WotLK Classic."

WoW: 10 years ago - retro trailer for patch 2.1 and the Black Temple.

And indeed, as far as nostalgia goes, I've already been able to work off many important items from my list of nostalgic memories of TBC:

  • the opening of the Dark Portal
  • the switch from Tier 3 set to easy quest rewards (though my rogue was still wearing parts of the set at 70)
  • the crunchy difficulty level, which can also cause problems for guilds from 2021 already in phase 2
  • the wonderful attunement quest series, which can be equally annoying from Twink No. X (the threshold is certainly different for each player) then as now
  • the flying in Outland
  • the visit of Karazhan

However, I also have to say: that was just the beginning! The most awesome challenges of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Burning Crusade Classic are yet to come - so going limp is not an option for me yet.

The highlights of the upcoming phases of TBC Classic

There are some contents of the next TBC Classic phases that I'm really looking forward to:

Simply epic: the Black Temple

For me, the Black Temple plays on a comparably high level as Naxxramas in terms of the epic dimensions of the raid instance, the design and the atmosphere. Nine bosses await us, including highlights like the Reliquary of Souls, the Council of Illidari, and Illidan Stormrage. We'll fight our way through the sewers, across the temple's forecourt and through a colorful harem. Rewards include pieces of some of the most beautiful animal armor sets Blizzard has ever designed and the legendary War Gleven. Only too gladly would my rogue earn these, that had unfortunately not worked out then ...
WoW: Illidan is one of the most iconic villains of the Warcraft universe. Source: Blizzard

Unique Fan Trip: Battle for Hyjal Peak

For me, as an old Warcraft 3 fan, the Battle for Hyjal Peak has always been such a fan service: We get to be up close and personal when the races of humans, orcs and co. beat back the waves of undead. Cool! The only thing I found annoying in the raid instance was the fight against Archimonde, because a single dead person can quickly cause a wipe due to the subsequent chain reaction (and there are several unexpected ways to die here). But the atmosphere and the rewards are good, and such a raid was never designed again.

Better than Zul'Gurub: Zul'Aman

The vanilla-era troll raid Zul'Gurub was already a fine thing. Zul'Aman did even more right in TBC from my point of view. The bosses were wonderfully varied, some of the loot was really good, and thanks to the timed run option and the war bear reward, the long-term motivation factor was also right. It's a pity that Blizzard has dispensed with such raid snacks in the recent past.
WoW: Zul'Aman came into the game with patch 2.3. Source: Blizzard

The Island of Quel'Danas

While the latest quest hubs around the Ogri'la and Skyguard of Sha'tari left me pretty cold back then, I'm really looking forward to the Isle of Quel'Danas, which we can explore in the final phase. To quote my memory from back then:

"As good as I thought the opening event of Ahn'Qiraj was, it was a shame that large parts of the quest series passed many players by. I liked the gradual conquest of the island of Quel'danas in TBC all the better. From the Sunspaces landing site, we gradually reclaimed the city of Morningstar to make new areas accessible within the Sunwell.

This was motivating even if you hadn't raided the Sunwell yet, thanks to the different reward levels, and also provided a nice "us vs. Kil'Jaeden" feeling. And since there were constant PvP brawls with the other faction, at least to me the daily grind in the zone didn't feel like work."

Speaking of rewards ...

New Epics for Badges of Justice

Are you one of those players who still have some unused Badges of Justice? Very good! After all, numerous new items are coming into play in the next phases, some of which cost up to 150 badges and are great alternatives to the then-current raid loot. This will certainly lure some players (myself included) back into the dungeons and older raid instances more often. You can find out in detail which items are coming here:

  • WoW TBC Classic: Farm badges of justice for later phases

How does it look: Are you also looking forward to the upcoming stages of TBC Classic or have you completely finished with the chapter? Tell us in the comments!

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