If you want to get the most out of your character in WoW: Shadowlands, whether main or twink, you not only increase the item level of your equipment, but also improve your media in the process. Especially for new level 60 characters, upgrading the media is a lengthy process. First a medium must be brought to item level 145, then to 158, 171 and then 184. If you have a high fame level, you can earn one or two mediums with item level 200 every day via world quests.

Available now: Incense of Infinity

The developers of World of Warcraft have also realized that this is quite annoying and have added an account-bound item called Incense of Infinity to the NPC Au'Dara In Oribos (coordinates 60/71 at the Flight Master on the upper portal level), as already promised , which directly unlocks all media and brings them to item level 200. In order to purchase the incense, you must have completed the Fame Rich achievement (a character must reach fame level 80). Cost: 500 gold


Do you still have one or more characters with whom you will use the Catch-Up item for media

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