You have surely noticed it: On the public test server for WoW Classic, the Blizzard developers have been testing a change for the so-called Spell Batching for a

few days. The time window in which abilities are processed by the game has been reduced from 400 milliseconds to 10 milliseconds. This should prevent strange situations from occurring in Classic, where, for example, a spell still goes through even though it was interrupted in time.

Blizzard thus adds a change to the Classic cosmos, which was implemented in the original WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

only in 2014 (and thus also takes effect in Shadowlands). At the time, however, the Blizzard MMORPG was of course already a very different game than it was from 2004 to 2006. The developers themselves are eager to see what bugs and unusual observations the testers discover on the PTR, since the abilities of vanilla WoW were designed around the spell-batching time window of 400 milliseconds.

Some players have already shared their experiences from the PTR with the community:

  • Many everyday actions like looting enemies, buying/selling items, or picking up the mail feel more direct and faster.
  • Important abilities like taunt now show their effects noticeably faster.
  • "The heal was through, but the teammate is still dead" situations are much less likely to occur because heals now hit the intended target faster.
  • Warriors will now do even more damage because they can play the Execute phase much more efficiently and it is easier to get an Execute out on fast dying targets (currently it happens quite often that the Execute doesn't hit the dying target in time anymore, but the rage is gone).
  • In PvP, it is much less common to have strange situations where, for example, both opponents turn into a sheep at the same time.
  • Rogues will find it easier to perform their control chains efficiently or to dive into stealth in time after an Improved Solar Plexus.
  • At the same time, rogues will have a slightly harder time countering enemy attacks with vanish. This applies not only to PvP, but also to PvE challenges.
  • It should still be possible for groups of players to receive the buff of a song flower at the same time if they repeatedly click on it at the moment the flower is ready.
  • Shamans will continue to interact with Elemental Mastery as they currently do (i.e., that two spells cast in direct succession benefit equally from the increased crit chance). This bug was not fixed in WoW until patch 2.3.
  • In addition to spell-batching, the so-called melee leeway was also a means to compensate for slow PCs as well as Internet connections in the early years of WoW. Regarding the melee leeway, there are no changes on the PTR so far, which plays into the hands of melee fighters. They benefit from the slightly increased range while moving, but also get their abilities out faster.


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