I recently came across an article on BlizzardWatch in which author Matthew Rossi asked WoW fans what they would like to change about their class. The text, in which Rossi addressed his own class, the Warrior, got me thinking. I've been playing a Shaman since Cataclysm, have experienced various ups and downs with the character, and love it like day one. The flexibility to switch between melee and ranged combat as a damage dealer is something that no other class with its specializations offers me in a similarly fun way (at least in my subjective opinion). But there is one thing, one pretty big thing, that bothers me and that I'd like to change.

The Shami with a fourth specialization?

Remember the days in vanilla WoW when reinforcement shamans with one-handed weapons and shields took over the tank role in instances? While Blizzard didn't originally envision this at all back then, it was possible. Unfortunately, the developers put a stop to that playstyle pretty quickly. To this day, you wonder why shamans were allowed to carry a shield if it was just an accessory to improve their attributes - a function that a relic or other item could have performed just as well.

So what I would like to see, or rather, what I would like to change about the shaman would be the Shamans with shields could make great tanks.... Just like back in the Classic days. Source: Blizzard

Specialization. I would like to see a fourth specialization that would allow shamans to also take on the role of tank. Buffers could still act as damage dealers alongside elemental shamans. Shamans being able to tank could be justified by the elemental mastery of the class, after all, shamans already have protective abilities like Earth Shield. Adding a one-handed weapon, a shield, and a few more tanking spells to a tanking shaman would be a decent addition to the current tanking class roster.

I'm imagining my shaman with the power of the earth to be a massive bulwark against the nasties of Azeroth. He could summon elementals to draw the attention of enemies away from his allies. He could equip himself with some sort of earth skin to lower incoming damage. Or he could draw his enemies to him with whirlwinds to bind them to him in battle.

The catch is that it would be no small feat for the developers to give the Shaman a tank specialization - including new abilities and specific equipment. That my wish will come true someday, I therefore consider extremely unlikely. But one can still dream ...

What do you think? Would you like to play your shaman as a real tank? What would you like to change about your class? Let us know in the comments below!

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