In our podcast buffedCast, we often like to speculate about possible content that could still be implemented in WoW. Especially with Shadowlands, we have often hit the mark in the past. This is the reason for our wish list for patch 9.1.5, but this is not meant to be a second wish list. I'm using my Nostradamus skills this time to predict that we can expect even more - especially tangible - changes with patch 9.1.5 of WoW Shadowlands than we have assumed so far. I hope this gives some hope to those who can't do anything with the patch in its current form.

Why I think so (and hope so)

Of course, a lot of "copium" plays into this, as the seasoned meme connoisseur is wont to say. Because apart from the Mage Tower, patch 9.1.5 actually offers zero content.

With its countless changes, the patch focuses on making life easier for twinks and stragglers. As someone who has by now drawn his 9th twink to level 60 and has reached at least fame level 40 on each of these characters, the changes are of no use to me at all. I realize that not everyone has that many max-level chars, but all the helpful changes shouldn't matter enough, even to twink-happy or straggler characters, to keep them on the ball for the next few months.

Ninety percent of the Korthia changes are uninteresting to my characters. Furthermore, if you don't care about island expeditions, warfronts or faster leveling, you won't take anything new with you in your daily WoW life. 9.1.5 doesn't implement a new raid, a new dungeon, a new Mythic-Plus or PvP-Season. Everything you're already doing now that some are sick of (or made them switch to New World), you'll continue to do in 9.1.5 without much change. Patch 9.1.5 is effectively an empty patch even before release, and what's more, it's already too late. Still we don't have a release date and the last update that could point to a date is the news that the Mage Tower can be tested "soon" - Whew. But that's what gives hope (yes, really).

This can also be a good sign

This long wait is exactly what gives me hope though. I think Blizzard will have realized a while ago that while they are implementing good changes with 9.1.5, they will keep very few players in line until patch 9.2. I assume that they have already thought about what great things to implement during the development phase of patch 9.1.5.

Patch 9.1.5 and Shadowlands itself have not followed Blizzard's typical patch policy since the beginning. The changes of 9.1.5 are a last straw born of necessity, with which one tries to bind players to WoW (buy now 14,99 € ). The return of the Mage Tower and Legion time walks show that the developers are desperate and willing to bang out more and riskier content for an X.1.5 patch.

WoW TBC Classic: The release trailer for Lords of Outland is here!

What I expect

I think Blizzard is now thinking carefully about how to motivate players for the next three to four months until patch 9.2. Personally, I would simply be motivated by a somewhat mixed metagame in raid and dungeon to actually start with other classes and to use the catch-up mechanics of patch 9.1.5.

The developers can't even pull a new dungeon out of a hat. I also don't see new Seasons in my fortune teller's ball, although that's exactly what it would need. What I do see, however, is the extension of Legion timewalks and possibly more tweaks to existing timewalk events beyond the features announced so far.

I think we'll see more timewalking rewards and being allowed to enter even more old dungeons from the respective addon. Catch-up mechanics will be expanded even more, allowing us to get Splinter of Domination and Stygian Embers even more easily with Twinks.
In addition, I predict that even more old content will be simplified and we can expect not only the already announced boring adjustments for talents that nobody uses. Patch 9.1.5 will hold even more proper class changes and adjustments to pact abilities that the developers are working on.

I hope I'm right. I'm happy to wait a few weeks longer for tangible content.

Do you still have hope for WoW patch 9.1.5? Do you think the content will tide you over until 9.2? Or are you already satisfied with the features shown so far? I am curious about your opinion.

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