The faction imbalance in WoW is still a big problem and topic in the community. In the course of patch 9.1.5, with which Blizzard is responding to a huge number of player requests, the abolition of faction boundaries inevitably came up again. Until now, you could save yourself the trouble of asking this question, since the developers' answer was actually always the same:"The division into Horde and Alliance is one of the pillars of WoW and will not be touched.... blah blah."

But apparently the opinion has changed among the developers in this regard. Because even if the complete abolition of factions is still very unrealistic, they could be softened considerably in the near future. Game director Ion Hazzikostas himself hinted at this in an interview with GamesBeat. There, the topic of cross-faction riding came up again. And Hazzikostas confirmed that the topic is now taken more seriously than it was some time ago.

"I'd say that [cross-faction raiding] is a bit more on the radar, yes." the WoW (buy now €14.99 ) director said. "That's one of those areas where, a lot of things to solve, a lot of things to figure out to make it happen."

So the topic is now more on the radar than it used to be, he said. However, he qualified that there would be a lot of problems to solve to implement such a system.

At the same time, he made his own best case for such an approach - from both a lore and social standpoint:

"If Jaina and Thrall are working alongside each other in the raid, why can't Alliance and Horde players also work alongside each other in that raid," he added. "Especially when we know it's going to solve a lot of the social problems people are grappling with? Particularly trying to keep a high-end Alliance guild together in North America or a Horde one in Oceania."

Which, of course, he's right about. If Jaina and Thrall can work together in the raid, why shouldn't ordinary humans and orcs be allowed to? Especially since it could solve a lot of the social problems in the community and prevent the extinction of the Alliance in North America and Europe, as well as the end of the Horde on Oceania servers.

All in all, it at least sounds like this topic is no longer as categorically ruled out as it was in past interviews. This is admittedly not an announcement of such a feature, but it may give players hope. Blizzard has probably also realized after a long time of dithering that it can't go on like this and something has to change if they don't want to be forced to become a one-faction game.

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