Last week we reported that with Phase 5 of WoW Classic: Season of Mastery , we can expect a version of the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

that has never existed in the form before. The Blizzard developers are planning an optional hard mode that will allow you to earn better loot. Now, WowHead's dataminers have unearthed the first details about AQ40 2.0. Read also these interesting stories 1

WoW Patch 9.2.5: What changes in the upcoming update? - Overview

WoW patch 9.2.5 is all about cross-faction gameplay and Season 4, but aside from that, there are plenty of changes to introduce! 0

WoW Patch 9.2.5: New Enigma Arena without moving columns

The Enigma Arena from WoW Patch 9.2.5 will probably not have moving pillars after all - the concept doesn't seem to work again.

This is new in phase 5 of Classic: SdM

  • New mechanic of Prophet Skeram: When the boss summons clones of himself, a large eye of C'Thun also appears. The eye floats in the air and shoots beams at random players, giving them a debuff. Victims of the ray can then see which clones are real and which are fakes. If the raid destroys a fake, all characters die. WARNING: You will have to kill this new version of the boss in any case. You can only activate the hardmode (or not) after you have defeated Skeram.
  • The optional hard mode: When you defeat Skeram and descend into the temple, you'll encounter a coffin that allows you to select several options via a dialog - the number of visible options depends on your reputation with the brood of Nozdormu. Your choices will provide the raid with a debuff. There are four difficulty variants in total, which differ in the amount of boss damage dealt, the health points of the bosses, and mechanics. Depending on the difficulty, for example, the three tentacle versions of C'Thun can appear in other boss fights. On the most difficult variant, an eye of C'Thun even appears, casting its deadly eye beam.
Classic: Official trailer for Naxxramas raid.
  • First hints about Naxxramas phase
: The dataminers have also discovered changes that are connected to phase 6, more precisely: to Naxxramas. For example, there are apparently new consumable items with death stones as well as skeleton artifacts, a trinket has been found that protects you from death once, provides you with a 3-second immunity and is then destroyed, and some items have appeared that could represent new loot:
  • Mask of DeathRod
  • of NecromancyRune
  • Teleportation: AntechamberRune
  • of Teleportation: Frostwyrm's LairCorrupted
  • WhetstoneFungal
  • Spore ClusterRitual
  • DaggerWhile
there is

no idea at all what the Death Stones do, the artifacts seem to provide us with useful buffs that are almost World Buff level


Last but not least, a "new" achievement was discovered, The Immortal

, which was already available in WotLK at the time and could be related to the "Iron Soul" hardmode. to the home page Jump to comments (0
) Karsten Scholz