WoW's eighth expansion, Shadowlands, struggled with so many problems that we were already crunching numbers this April that a third major patch for the addon was unlikely. Whether there will be a third major update like in almost all expansions before it, the developers didn't want to come out with so far.

A two-patch expansion is generally considered a failure in WoW, as the Warlords of Draenor expansion showed. WoD was a good expansion in itself, but a lack of a patch ruined its reputation. Ion Hazzikostas dodged the question on a possible third Shadowlands patch in our interview on patch 9.1.5, saying that the success of a WoW expansion is not measured by the amount of updates.

However, from both an interview with Gamerant and an interview with Inven, we now have confirmation from the developers: patch 9.2 End of Eternity is the last major update for Shadowlands. There will not be a third major patch.

WoW Patch 9.2: End of Eternity Developer Video

From the Gamerant interview:

Question: With such high stakes, it's impossible not to feel the finality of the story. Throughout the history of World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99 )

, patches have followed a release cycle consisting of three major content patches that filled the two-year gaps between expansion packs. With End of Eternity, however, World of Warcraft seems to be breaking with that tradition.


: "We set out to plan the story of the Shadowlands as a drama in three acts. We intended 'End of Eternity' to be the climax of that story," said Steve Danuser.

Although he clarified that there could be more content to come, patch 9.2 is the grand finale of Shadowlands. A Patch 9.3 could still be coming, but Danuser's statements and the delays and cancellations both Blizzard and Shadowlands have suffered over the past year suggest otherwise. - Gamerant

Add info from the interview with Inven:
There was also a response to the final season of Shadowlands that many were curious about. "Shadowlands was planned as a total of three chapters before the pandemic," Danuser said, adding that this patch 9.2 is the last chapter. In addition, he said there is no artificially reduced or customized content to match the next expansion pack cycle.

It sounds clearer than that. However, in an interview with GamerBraves, the developers hint at an epilogue and thus probably a tangible patch 9.2.5.

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