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. WoW: DpS at the Tarragrue2. WoW: DpS at the eye of the dungeon master3. WoW: DpS at the Nine4. WoW: DpS at the remains of Ner'zhul5. WoW: DpS at the soul shredder Dormazain6. WoW: DpS at the Suffering Blacksmith Raznal7. WoW: DpS at the Guardian of the First8. WoW: DpS at the Doom Scribe Roh-Kalo9. WoW: DpS at Kel'Thuzad10. WoW: DpS at Sylvanas11. WoW: DpS overall summary

The latest WoW raid, Sanctum of Domination, has been open for a few weeks and the race for the World First Kills is already history. Since Echo sent Sylvanas as the first guild on the boards in mythic mode, however, many other groups have now had the chance to defeat the total of ten bosses in the various difficulty levels. Meanwhile, the first waves of class adjustments that always come at the beginning of a new patch have also come through. Some playstyles also now have access to their new (and better) Legendarys, and any meaningful pact changes have also been made. So now is a good time to take a look at what the balancing looks like in the Sanctum of Domination.

WoW: DpS in the Sanctum of Domination - Initial situation

To really find out what the classes are currently doing, we limit ourselves to the top five percent of all Heroic logs for each class. This ensures that the numbers aren't skewed by weaker players or incorrect logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). However, since these numbers were usually achieved with good gear, the right Legendarys, and the best pacts, the pure stats are not very meaningful. That said, many high-level logs are only achieved through the concentrated use of support spells like Soul of Power on individual players. So if you can't get close to the numbers listed, don't worry. However, they are quite useful for the relationship between the classes.

WoW: DpS in the Tarragrue

WoW: DpS in the Sanctum of Domination - The Tarragrue Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
The first boss in the Sanctum of Domination actually has to be left out in terms of balancing. The reason for this are the animaboni you can get before the fight. These have a massive impact on the DpS of each playstyle and are only very rudimentarily balanced. In addition, there are some defensive, but very important bonuses that are essential for success, but at the same time do not increase the DpS at all. So if you want to drive good DpS logs here, you have to let the support of the group drag by necessity. Therefore, one should not take this ranking so seriously. Obviously, the Shadow Priests scale quite well with the Animaboni. At least they are in first place by some margin. - Raidguideto Tarragrue.

WoW: DpS at the Eye of the Dungeon Master

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Eye of the Dungeon Master Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
With the Eye of the Dungeon Master we then have the first classic boss fight on the agenda. Besides single phases with single target damage, we also fight two targets at the same time again and again. In addition, our heroes have to move quite a bit, which naturally reduces the damage. Nevertheless, most classes, with the exception of the Furor Warriors, are quite close to each other. At the top of the list is the rogue, with two different specializations. In any case, melee fighters seem to be strong here. The Shadow Priest, the first ranged fighter, comes in fourth. - Raidguide to the Eye of the Dungeon Master.

WoW: DpS at the nine

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - The Nine Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
In the Nine, we once again have multiple targets that can be fought at the same time. However, only at the start. For the majority of the fight, you'll only be fighting one target. Since ranged fighters have to play mechanics here but can stand motionless most of the time, some ranged classes dominate. In addition to the Owl, which is once again one of the strongest specs across the board, Arcane Mage and Shadow Priest are once again pushing far ahead. At the bottom of the scale, Elemental Shamans, Fire Mages, and, unsurprisingly, Survival Hunters could use a little buff. - Raidguide to the Nine.

WoW: DpS at the remains of Ner'zhul

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Remnant of Ner'zhul Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
Quite little movement and full program on a target durchballern - that is the fight against the remnants of Ner'zhul. If you're not assigned to carry the bullet off the platform here, you can stubbornly follow through on the boss most of the time. Deception Rogue and Weapon Warrior especially shine in this discipline. But druids and priests also rank high. Interestingly, after Daemon Sorcerer and Assassin Rogue, there's a hard cut and all the other specs drop off significantly. Blizzard could do some fine tuning here. Because within the two groupings, the balancing doesn't look bad at all. - Raidguide to the remains of Ner'zhul.

WoW: DpS at the soul shredder Dormazain

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Soul Shredder Dormazain Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
Against the Soul Shredder, a lot of movement is required for the first time. Even though we spend most of the time fighting the boss, the most important playstyles here are those that have massive area of effect damage. More precisely: high area damage burst. That's because four adds keep popping up, and in the best case scenario, they're pulled together. These can also be debuffed so that they suffer double damage. Who can bang here properly (the Adds die namely very quickly), which reaches high DpS numbers. But for the success against the boss this is not that important. - Raidguide to the Soul Shredder Dormazain.

WoW: DpS at the suffering blacksmith Raznal

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Suffering Blacksmith Raznal Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
In the Suffering Blacksmith, the first groups often run into a wall. The boss is significantly harder than the previous ones. It's good if you have Druids with you - then the fight will be shorter. No other class does as much damage to the Suffering Blacksmith as Owl and Cat. Even the Deception Rogue and Shadow Priest can't quite keep up. Of course, the intermediate damage-free phases benefit classes that rely on strong cooldowns rather than constant damage. - Raidguide to the suffering forge Raznal.

WoW: DpS at the Guardian of the First

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Guardian of the First Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
The Guardian of the First is the DpS check in the Sanctum of Domination.Extremely few mechanics (even on heroic and mythic) - but a tight berserk timer. Though not quite as close as many would have guessed before. With no other boss in the raid can you see so well how much damage the different playstyles can do to a target. And the differences are, well, not exactly small. While there has been worse balancing in the past, a 21 percent difference between the best and weakest spec is expandable. However, there's one big advantage compared to previous patches: no class is down. So there are better and weaker playstyles, but none are so weak that anyone should call them "unusable". - Raidguides to Guardian of the First.

WoW: DpS at the doom scribe Roh-Kalo

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Doomcryer Roh-Kalo Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
If you want to be successful at the Doom Scribe, you need above all players who are quick of thought and reaction. Enough DpS is rarely the problem here. But as is almost always the case: More DpS can't really hurt. And the Elemental Shamans and Weapon Warriors in particular provide that here. However, they are not far ahead of the other classes. Apart from the Fire Mage, who carries the red lantern, the balancing here actually looks quite decent. It's worth mentioning that DpS numbers this high are actually only achieved when you're not assigned to spinning rings. Because when you're running around spinning rings, your damage on bosses and adds naturally drops to the bottomless pit. - Raidguide to the Fate Scribe Roh-Kalo.

WoW: DpS at Kel'Thuzad

WoW: DpS at the Sanctum of Domination - Kel'thuzad Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
Kel'thuzad means party time for all classes with high area damage. Because in the back phases you will be gradually overrun by resurrected adds. And in the in-between phases, you'll have to beat down smaller groups of enemies. Affliction Warlocks, who usually don't have much to laugh at in this raid, surprisingly came out on top here ahead of the Owls. As you'd expect, the balancing doesn't look all that great. When it comes to area of effect damage, some classes start to shine while others are left behind. - Raidguide to Kel'Thuzad.

WoW: DpS at Sylvanas

WoW: DpS in the Sanctum of Domination - Sylvanas Windrunner Source: buffed / warcraftlogs
If you still doubted the dominance of the druids in the Sanctum of Domination, take a look at the logs of Sylvanas. Once again, Owl and Cat are in the top two spots. Balance Druid makes all other specs look very old in the process. Thanks to the interphase, having strong DpS cooldowns helps here again. A surprise visit to the top is made by the Retribution Paladin, who even leaves Arcane Mage and Weapon Warrior behind. Furor Warriors, on the other hand, see no land with the final boss and are hopelessly behind.
- Guide to Sylvanas Windrunner.

WoW: DpS overall conclusion

While one could still doubt after the first days in the Sanctum of Domination that the owls still belong to the best specs ever in patch 9.1, one can bury these doubts now at the latest. Balance Druids are simply the strongest playstyle available in the current raid. Whether it's single targets or area-of-effect damage, Owls are at the top of their game. And if you're not into ranged combat, just switch to the cat. It's also in a great position. Furor Warriors and Fire Mages are the big losers in this patch and still rank below Survival Hunters. Along with the Arcane Mages, the Demonology Sorcerers and Deception Rogues are also winners.

Here you can find all boss rankings including the numbers in the picture gallery:

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