The time-travel dungeons in WoW are a nice change from the daily grind of an MMO. A nostalgic time travel into the past, during which still halfway useful loot can come around - at least for one or the other twink. In addition, the time-distorted badges can be used to increase the reputation with old factions, for example, and thus perhaps capture the one or other Paragon box.

For many players, however, besides the fun of the game, of course, the main reason for their regular visits is the Eternal Time Bunny. This particular dragon can drop on every single dungeon boss in a timewalking dungeon, but has an extremely low drop chance.

Timewalkers as crate loot

Although the bosses in Mythic Plus dungeons don't leave any loot, but it has now been revealed that you can also capture the reins of the Eternal Tim ewalker in the Timewalking versions of Legion dungeons. These can apparently be found in the crate at the end of each run.
WoW: Timewalking mount also drops in Legion M+Dungeons - Eternal Time Bunny (2) Source: wowhead At least, that's what the screenshot of an Asian player above shows. Whether this is intentional on the part of the developers, however, cannot be said. Blizzard has not yet commented on this. But why not? After all, these are also time-travel dungeons. And they shouldn't really be easier or faster than normal timewalking dungeons.

Have you already bagged the Eternal Time Hauler from the Timewalking Dungeons, or are you not really interested in any mounts?

WoW: Antorus cinematic - the finale of Legion


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