The nine Val'kyr are the Dark Princess' most powerful allies in the Maw. Before the battle against "The Nine" in the WoW raid Sanctum of Domination in patch 9.1, we witness a short roleplaying event where Bolvar challenges Sylvanas. In response, Sylvanas incapacitates her adversary and orders her Val'kyr to attack the invaders. A few seconds before the Banshee Queen disappears towards the top of the tower, she reminds us again that we can no longer stop the Dungeon Master.
WoW: For Sylvanas! The Val'kyr's Last Stand in the Sanctum of Domination (2) Source: buffed You can watch the beginning of the battle for yourself in the video below:

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Sylvanas: Fools. You fight a battle you cannot win.
Bolvar: We will stop you, Sylvanas!
Sylvanas: Fordragon. A fallen king without a throne. You will answer for your defiance!
Bolvar yells: RAAAaaaarrGGHHH!
Sylvanas: Val'kyr! You are bound to me! Strike down my foes!

My life for Sylvanas!

The boss fight centers around the eerie Val'kyr Skyja, Kyra, and Signe. Along with Helya, the trio were among the first Val'kyr to betray Odyn and forge a pact with the Dungeon Master. Skyja is the right hand of Sylvanas and commands the Mawbound in Torghast. In battle, Skyja and her sisters are surrounded by the Val'kyr, who allied with Sylvanas at the end of WotLK and sacrificed their lives for the Banshee Queen in subsequent years. If you want to learn more about Sylvanas' suicide and her pact with the Val'kyr, be sure to check out the short story Sylvanas Windrunner: Nightfall.

As mentioned earlier, each of the six Val'kyr that Skyja, Kyra, and Signe summon in battle played a role in WoW in years past.

  • Annhylde was the Val'kyr who offered a pact to Sylvanas in the Maw. She was the first to sacrifice herself so that the Banshee Queen could return to Azeroth from the Maw.
  • Agatha, Arthura, and Daschla accompanied the Dark Princess in the Battle for Gilneas (Quest: Cities in the Dust). They gave their lives for Sylvanas after she was backstabbed by Lord Godfrey.
  • Aradne fell in the Battle for Andorhal (Alliance Quest: Aradne).
  • Brynja fell to Tyrande's wrath, but Nathanos escaped in the Battle for Darkcoast (Introquest for the second warfront in Battle for Azeroth).

Each Val'kyr attacks with its own attack in battle.

  • Agatha's Eternal Blade
  • Daschla's Mighty Anvil
  • Annhylde's Bright Aegis
  • Aradne's Falling Strike
  • Brynja's Mournful Dirge
  • Arthura's Crushing Gaze

The Val'kyr's pact, then, lasts beyond death. Without her Val'kyr, Sylvanas is left with only her own life in the end. Evidence is mounting that the Banshee Queen will indeed die in Shadowlands. Yet there is still hope for Sylvanas' soul! After all, Vereesa Windrunner isn't giving up on her big sister. You can read more about Sylvanas' fate in the short story "Sister is Another Word for Always".

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