Time and again, Blizzard tries to create incentives to encourage players who haven't visited Azeroth in a while to return. In July, potential returnees received about three days of game time as a gift, and the developers have also come up with something in view of the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99).

At least, numerous players on Reddit report that they found a free character upgrade to level 100 for WoW in the gift section of the launcher of Blizzard's Battle.net. Shipped the gift on August 07, the attached text reads:

"Return to Azeroth to celebrate World of Warcraft's 15th Anniversary with this free character upgrade to level 100! The gift is valid until October 30, 2019."

Free Character Boost? from r/wow

In fact, many of the gift recipients write that they have not had an active WoW account for quite some time. However, not all former WoW players have received the gift for a long time. In addition, players with an active account appear in the comments section from time to time, who also want to have received the gift.

The latter is all the more strange, because a Game Master confirmed in response to a ticket that you have to have been inactive for quite a while (at least this year) to qualify for the gift. In any case, you should stop by the Blizzard launcher to take a look at the gift section. In the WoW Shop, a character upgrade to level 110 currently costs 60 Euros.