In WoW's Mythic-Plus dungeons, the goal is to complete a dungeon that becomes increasingly difficult as the level increases, within the time limit. This has resulted in two different categories of challenges. The MDI (Mythic Dungeon International) is about completing a set level in minimum time, while the Great Push is about completing the maximum level in a set time. And the latter event took place this past weekend.

Necrotic Lane +32

During the tournament, the Chinese team Aster.Y was able to successfully complete the Necrotic Aisle at level 32. And they did so with almost four minutes left on the clock. The affixes available were Reinforced, Stormy, Bursting, and Tormented.

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It's no coincidence that it's Necrotic Aisle in particular. Because this dungeon is considered the easiest in Shadowlands. The many different weapons that can be collected make the most critical areas easier, depending on your wishes, and thus simplify the dungeon extremely.
The first successfully completed Mythic Plus dungeon at level 32 this season. Source: Also, it can be argued that this is not a "real" world record, since the players were on the Great Push tournament server. There, participants have access to various things without having to laboriously earn them like on the live servers. However, this should only make a small difference. After all, there's nothing on the tournament servers that isn't also available on the live realms. And the top players are likely to have all the BiS gear and such on the live servers as well.

What are your personal records in terms of Mythic-Plus - or can you do nothing with the system?

WoW: The Great Push - Trailer for the start of Season 2


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