Anyone who has played WoW Classic extensively will surely remember the numerous mages who raked in lots of gold with their boosting services

. Especially in dungeons like Maraudon and Zul'Farrak, huge pulls were possible, thanks to which the off-positioned twinks could skim off level-ups in no time.

This method may be efficient, but dungeon boosting also ensured that there were hardly any twinks left in the open world to do quests or join an instance group of "peers". So we can certainly understand why Blizzard would want to eliminate dungeon boosting in WoW (buy now €14.99 )

Classic: Season of Mastery if possible.

Last week, dataminers had already found clues as to how Blizzard intends to combat boosting. Now the first confirmed adjustments have landed on the beta server:

  • There are noticeably fewer experience points from killed monsters if you are in a party with one or more characters that have a significantly higher level than the defeated monster.
  • In Stratholme and Maraudon, many enemies gain immunity to root and slowdown effects 30 and 60 seconds after being pulled, respectively.
  • In Maraudon, enemies immune to root effects receive a 50 percent increase in movement speed.
  • Any type of control effect (aside from root and slow) will replenish immunity and the movement speed buff in Maraudon and Stratholme.
  • The zombie trolls in Zul'Farrak now drop less valuable loot. Most of the zombie trolls' loot has been distributed among the other enemy types in the dungeon.

According to the developers, however, these changes are only the "first round" in the fight against "boosting" and "powerleveling". What do you think of these adjustments? Tell us in the comments!

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