When it comes to impressive and fascinating architectural art in MMOs, there's actually hardly any game that can beat WoW. The designers of the young online role-playing game adult, at 17 it's actually still a bit early for grandpa ^^, shine with impressive buildings, stunning and iconic city looks - but in the end also with a bit of unimaginativeness . Really big, new cities are somehow always very ... well ... Standard. Worldly. And partly quite modern. Oribos, at least, is not exactly the pinnacle of exotic architecture. Dalaran's look reminds of the Mages, yes, and Shattrath of the Draenei. But somehow it's all not really hardcore fascinating. Imagine if Shattrath or Oribos were cities as large as Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The look of both expansion capitals would immediately be very repetitive and absolutely not off-the-wall enough. Dalaran ... well, it's out of the way. But that humans were at work there is hard to miss. Dalaran is really well done, but also not very exotic. Source: buffed

A city of the Jinyu

What if you could wish for the look of an entire city, based on any race from Azeroth?

What look would your city have? We'll tell you how we come up with this question right now, too, because WoW fan TheAceofHearth recently posted a little video on Reddit and made a decidedly clear wish that there was an entire city in WoW for Jinyu. Jinyu are, to recall, the fish-like humanoids from Mists of Pandaria that are at loggerheads with the Hozen.Recommended Editorial ContentAtthis point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external embeddings will only be displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content":Load all external contentIagree to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. More about this in our privacy policy. External content Read more in ourprivacy policy.

A Hozen city would be pretty cool too, or a real Ramkahen capital filled with Egyptian flair. By the way, in the original design of Cataclysm, Ramkahen should have been built much narrower and more angular, as the developers of WoW (buy now ) once told us. And that would have pleased many a WoW fan much better than the wide runway that Ramkahen now represents in the game. Basically, you wish the developers of WoW but a little courage to the structural narrowness, to really let the feeling of a city arise. Dalaran and Stormwind actually manage to do that quite well. And Suramar, let's be honest, was a real architectural masterpiece! Suramar is one of the best cities in the whole game. It would be great if such a cool game area would be worked on again. Source: buffed

The eternal dream of Gilneas

If I could wish for a city, I wouldn't have to look far. Gilneas is already there, and it's not being used for anything. I like the Victorian flair, and you wouldn't have to do that many things to turn it into an atmospherically dense juggernaut. Alternatively, I think a Vulpin western city would be pretty snazzy, too, a really big one.
Gilneas: A little more confinement, a little more oppression, and I feel like I'm in Zhaun from Arcane and League of Legends. Source: Buffed That's the problem with WoW's NPC races: Most of the time they only get small settlements, but really big settlements with tons of atmosphere are denied to them. However, this is also understandable. The problem with Blizzard's content development is that old content is always devalued. Apart from the old capitals (upsi Undercity and Darnassus) and Dalaran, the cities of the newer expansions are hardly frequented anymore - which is also related to the fact that the developers disable useful functions like portals to all countries.
Shattrath - pretty much one of the most boring cities of all Azeroth cities. Source: buffed By the way! Perhaps I would have expected that allied nations would also have something like their own capital ... oh, let's leave that alone. When I think about it overall, I realize what seemed really cool and authentic to me. That was the Shrine of the Two Moons and the Shrine of the Seven Stars from Mists of Pandaria - the separate quasi-capitals of the Horde and Alliance.
Wow. The style of the shrines in Mists of Pandaria is unsurpassed in my eyes. Source: Buffed Something like that would be great again, a bit more pandaren chic! Or the rustic woodworm look of Grauschlund in the Grizzly Hills of Northrend. The hollowed-out tree stump where the furbolgs of the Grizzly Hills live is, in my eyes, also quite impressive in its simplicity.
Stormwind is already a really good city, but the wide streets somehow lack ... Life. Source: buffed If you could wish for a WoW city based on the existing designs, what would it look like? Feel free to use the comment function, because we are really curious what you would like!

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