After the release of patch 9.2 for WoW: Shadowlands

, some issues and apparent bugs have crept into the game - intentional or unintentional, it is unknown. For example, the key bindings for "^" and "+" no longer work for some regions. But class changes, visual adjustments and achievements have also remained undocumented.

In the official WoW Reddit forum, players have collected the undocumented changes of patch 9.2. Can you add to the list? Then write us in the comments.

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Undocumented changes in patch 9.2

  • The requirement for the Character Slimes achievement has been reduced from ten to three slimes.
  • The post NPC of the toy Katy's Punching Pipe has received new voice lines.
  • The Kyrian mount Gilded Stray is now displayed larger.
  • The Mythic Plus Keystone icon has been changed to be more glittery. Shiny!
  • Arcane Mages can now hit multiple targets with Arcane Bombardment at the start of or outside of combat.

The mage spell Arcane Bombardment hits multiple targets depending on the amount of Arcane Charges. This has always been the case in combat. Only at the beginning of combat, or if the mage was not already involved in combat when the spell was cast, the spell hit only one target regardless of the Arcane Charges. However, this has been changed.

Possible bug for warlock portal

  • Warlock portals now no longer work if the target location is not completely in line of sight. This makes it difficult to use on higher levels, among other things.

With this change, it is not certain if this is a bug or if it is intentional. This makes treasure hunting in Zereth Mortis

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