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"Every month, the mystical Darkmoon Faire opens its doors and invites all Azeroth heroes to a fantastic celebration. Lots of cool prizes, achievements, and rewards await us at the Faire. This month, March 2022, the Darkmoon Faire's showmen are hosting the Darkmoon Dance Contest for

the first time. Lots of new achievements and cool loot await!

In recent years, the Dark Moon Fair has been expanded with several attractions, mini-games and event areas. With the large number of attractions, it's hard for some heroes to keep track of everything. For this reason, Blizzard has published a new overview of the Darkmoon Faire on the official World of Warcraft website

. So you have all the important information about the popular WoW event at a glance.

Is today your lucky day? Then come closer!

The Darkmoon Faire celebrates the wonderful, exotic, and mysterious from all over Azeroth! This mist-shrouded island is a mystery hidden in a riddle, and it is only accessible for one week at the beginning of each month. Come closer, step inside, and boldly take a peek at what Silas Darkmoon, founder of the Faire, has in store for you!


Starting on the first Sunday of each month for one week.


On Darkmoon Island, accessible via portals in Elwynn (Alliance) and Mulgore (Horde) Forest. You can access the portals in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore easily by paying a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or Dalaran to teleport you to them.


Darkmoon Faire game tokens

  • Darkmoon Faire game tokens are required to enjoy many of the games and attractions. Tokens are available from merchants - Sazz Coin Catcher, Zina Cut Value, and Trixi Cut Value - throughout the island.

Darkmoon Faire Winning Tickets

  • When you complete games and quests on Darkmoon Island, you usually receive Darkmoon Faire winning tickets as a reward. These can be exchanged for most of the items available at the Darkmoon Faire.

New Attraction: Dark Moon Dance Contest

In March, the Darkmoon Faire returns with a brand new challenging attraction that will get you in the mood to dance. Lace up your best dancing shoes tightly and show us your hottest moves in this Dark Moon Dance Duel!
At the Dark Moon Dance Contest the bear is dancing! Source: Blizzard
Head to the party and engage in a dance duel with a dancing rival. You'll have to watch carefully as your opponent presents a sequence of rhythmic moves, and then mimic the choreography without tripping over your own feet before time runs out. For this you'll receive:


  • Shake your bacon
    • Just dance! Successfully participate in the Dark Moon Faire Dance Game.
  • I want to dance some more
    • Dance until you drop! Successfully participate in 30 games at the Dark Moon Faire.
  • Tact
    • Let the rhythm guide you and get a perfect score once on the easiest difficulty level, then you'll know how to do it!
  • Rhythm in your blood
    • That's right. Earn a perfect score ten times on the easiest difficulty and you'll have rhythm in your blood!
  • You are awesome
    • ...once you've earned a perfect score on the medium difficulty.
  • Glowing Soles
    • Get a perfect score ten times on the medium difficulty to keep the winning streak going!
  • Perfect Performance
    • Don't let a little sweat stop you - Get a perfect score on the hardest difficulty to secure this wet achievement.
  • Rampage
    • Even the hardest moves aren't too hard for you? Get a perfect score ten times on the hardest difficulty.
  • Dance Machine
    • No one can stop you now! You will receive this achievement after earning the following other achievements: Rhythm in the Blood, Glowing Soles, Ramp Sow


  • Toy: Dark Moon Dance Party
    • Summon a stage wherever you are! But be careful, this stage forces the caster to dance!

Are you ready to dance? Then head to dance master Simon Sagan and get the daily quest Dark Moon Dance Party from him! Complete insane dance routines to earn fame and Darkmoon game prizes for your efforts. Just don't get out of rhythm, because the more challenging the opponent, the more glory you can earn.

Keep moving! For just 1 Darkmoon Faire game chip, the dance floor is yours if you feel like shaking a leg.


The arcade features the most popular games from all over Azeroth. Source: Blizzard

The Darkmoon Arcade

Look for the mechagnomin Lynnish Ultraschwer, the owner of the arcade, just behind the roller coaster. The arcade features the most popular games from across Azeroth, including:

  • HexSweeper: a highly dangerous game where you have to navigate through an arcane minefield and identify the dangerous areas. The slightest misstep is punishable by instant death.
  • Rune Puzzle: The rules are simple! Combine 3 or more runes to score points. More than 3 will earn you bonus points! If you reach at least 100,000 points, there is a chance to unlock an additional difficulty level!
  • FADEN-X: Untangle the wires to repair the poor FADEN-X's circuits. The difficulty level can be summarized as follows: It ranges from fairly easy to mega difficult! If you give up, you have to start all over again!
  • Barrel of fun: Keep your eye on the barrel! At the beginning of each round, one of the barrels will light up. Notice which one it is, and then select it as soon as they stop moving.
  • Tank buster: Reveal the tanks. Remember where they are and find pairs!
  • Totemic Matrix: To develop harmony with the elements, you must study and understand their interactions with each other. The Totemic Matrix is an ancient training method, a puzzle that challenges the spirit and mind. The goal of the exercise is to transform all totems into water totems. Simply touch a totem to perform the incantation. Know that all things are interconnected. This lesson is invaluable in this puzzle ... just like in life!

For 1 Darkmoon Faire game chip, you can unlock the console for a full day and play as long as you like. Your reward? The extremely satisfying feeling of having triumphed over the machine with the power of your mind.

Concert by Plague Sow

Get ready to pick up your strings, because every half an hour Seuchensau will literally play death metal in the mosh pit.

Go on a rampage with the undead band on stage and defeat the death metal knight who wants to disrupt their performance. In this battle, you can prove that you are the ultimate super fans by defeating the Death Metal Knight and his ghouls. If you can successfully defend Pestilence Sow, a wicked prize may even beckon.



  • Chained Jail Helmet
  • Lightly padded prison helmet
  • Leather-trimmed Jail Helmet
  • Steel reinforced prison helmet


  • Plague Sow Microphone
    • Transform into the singer Devlynn Styx and give an epic concert of Seuchensau.
  • Necromedes, the Death Resonator
    • Conquer the stage with this epic, transmogrifiable guitar.

Concert of the Tauren Chieftains

The Tauren Chieftains (Samuro, Sig Nicious, Bergrisst, Mai'Kyl, and Chief Thunder Skin) perform at the Faire's Promenade. They will be here all week, so be sure to stop by and /dance to their incredible music.


Life is full of mystery and wonder, and every adventurer has a different story. Visit Sayge, a soothsayer known throughout Azeroth, to gain insight into your future. After answering two of his questions, you will receive a buff based on your answers.

Darkmoon Faire Rollercoaster

The Darkmoon Faire Rollercoaster is the longest, tallest, and fastest wooden rollercoaster in all of Azeroth! Hold on tight as you race through turns and take terrifying drops on this rickety, wooden behemoth. There's no minimum size here, so even dwarves, gnomes, and goblins can test their mettle without a problem.
The Darkmoon Faire roller coaster is a popular attraction! Source: Blizzard Brave visitors will receive the buff 'JIPPIE!', which will give them more experience and reputation for one hour. This experience will definitely be helpful in collecting Tradition Armor Sets and unlocking allied races, such as the recently released Vulpera and Mechagnomen.

Darkmoon Carousel

Getting sick to your stomach just looking at the Darkmoon Faire roller coaster? Don't worry, there's also a slightly less fast-paced attraction: the Dark Moon Carousel! You can sit on a rocket, a griffin, a wyvern, a dragon, or a murloc and take a leisurely spin. After a few rounds, you'll receive the 'JIPPIE!' buff, which will give you more experience and reputation for an hour.

Petting Zoo

Step closer and take a close look at exotic creatures in our petting zoo. These wild animals of the jungles, beaches, and deserts of Azeroth and other worlds will take your breath away. Just be sure not to make eye contact with the basilisk unless you're dying to turn to stone!

Darkmoon Faire Bosses

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"The fearsome Darkmoon Rabbit and Moonfang are terrorizing the outdoor areas of the Faire! Brave adventurers are needed to take down these threats once and for all. When players slay these mythical beasts that roam this mysterious island, they can earn rare pets and toys.

Don't venture out alone, though! These forests are beautiful, dark, and unfathomable: use the dungeon browser to bring your new friends to your aid.

Rewards from Dark Moon Rabbit:

  • Battle Pet: Darkmoon Rabbit
    • This bad-tempered rabbit is ready to jump into the fray.

Rewards from Moonfang:

  • Battle Pet: Moonfluff
    • This cute little wolf belongs in the care of a brave hero, lest he become a monster like Moonfang.
  • Moonfang Fur
    • With this headdress you can scare everyone and everything.
  • Moonfang's paw
    • With this toy you can turn into Mondfang.
  • Moonfang's Fur
    • Begin a quest that will reward you with 10 Darkmoon Faire winning tickets.
  • Shimmering Moonstone
    • Allows players to ride Mondfang himself during the Darkmoon Faire.

Rewards from Erinys:

  • Toy: Ring of Broken Promises
    • Transforms you into a blood elf imbued with devil energy.
  • Sail east from the island and dive deep to defeat Erinys. Players will have a chance to obtain the Ring of Promise, which begins a quest. Deliver the item to Chester, who will reward you with the Ring of Broken Promises toy in return.
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