The new ID has started in World of Warcraft and all Shadowlands visitors can look forward to new challenges. For example, the LFR finale in Castle Nathria has been open since this week and you can challenge Count Denathrius. You can also expect the Dungeon Weekly, World Boss Mortanis, the PvP brawl Warsong Wedge, access to two Torghast Wings, and new Glory upgrades. Oh, and on top of that, two world events are also launching this ID: the Moon Festival and Love is in the Air!

The Torghast Wings of the New ID

In the Tower of the Damned, the "Fracture Chamber" and "The Soul Forges" wings are open to you this week. If you master all eight levels, you can earn 570 soul ash per wing. In total, 1,140 Soul Ashes are waiting for you in Torghast.

For various specializations, the trip to the newly opened wings is also worth it because they can earn legendary memories there.

Legendary memories from the fracture chambers

  • Unholy Death Knight - Memory of a reanimated shuffler
  • Desolation Demon Hunter - Memory of Darker Nature
  • Restoration Druid - memory of an infinite growth
  • Survival Hunter - Memory of poisonous injectors
  • Mistcaster-Monk - Memory of Yu'lon's Whispers
  • Protection Paladin - Memory of a sacred sigil
  • Shadow Priest - memory of the pain-breaking psalm
  • Deception Rogue - memory of the deadly shadows
  • Elemental Shaman - memory of an elemental balance
  • Demonology wizard - memory of the horned nightmare

Legendary memories from the soul forges

  • Vengeance demon hunter - memory of a fiery soul
  • Fierceness Druid - Memory of a symmetrical eye
  • Beast Domination Hunter - Memory of the Flame Stoker
  • Fire Mage - Memory of the Molten Sky
  • Wind Runner Monk - Memory of the Jade Ignition
  • Holy Paladin - Memory of the Blossom of the Sunwell
  • Discipline Priest - Reminder of the Penitent
  • Lawlessness Rogue - Memory of a hidden blunderbuss
  • Restoration Shaman - Memory of the primeval flood core
  • Weapon Warrior - Memory of a battle lord

Upgrade to fame level 30

This week you can raise the glory level of your pact to 30. To do this, you'll have to complete the usual weekly quests:

  • Complete"Replenish the Reservoir" quest: Collect 1,000 anima.
  • Complete "Return of the Lost Souls" quest: Rescue five and 10 and 15 souls, respectively, from the Maw.

Since there are no new story chapters for your Pact campaign since the penultimate ID for now, you can't get another Fame level this way.

The rewards of the new fame levels

With fame level 29, a new soul band upgrade beckons:

  • Kyrian: Resistance, Potency, or Finesse medium for Mikanikos.
  • Necrolord: Resistance, Potency, or Finesse medium for Heirmir
  • Nachtfae: Fairy Dust or Sleepwalker for Dreamweaver
  • Venthyr: resistance, potency or finesse medium for General Draven

Secondly, the loot from world quests will now be worth more. Through normal world quests, you can now bag loot with an item level of up to 197.


vocations even offer rewards with an item level of up to 203.

At fame level 30

, some of the soul band will receive new talents


  • Kyrian: Let go of the past for Pelagos
  • Necrolord: Ultimate shape for Marileth
  • Nachtfae: Niya's tools: burrs, Niya's tools: poison, Niya 's tools: herbs for Niya
  • Venthyr: Familiar with predicaments, Meticulous preparation, Undaunted duelist for Nadjia

4th LFR Wing of Nathria Castle is open

You can now enter the LFR wing "An Audience with Arrogance" of Castle Nathria and challenge Count Denathrius. The final boss of the first Shadowlands raid drops loot with item level 194, and you can also collect the following legendary memories from him:

  • Unholy Death Knight: Reminder of the Mantle of Certain Death
  • Desolation Demon Hunter: Reminder of Chaos Theory
  • Balance Druid: Memory of Oneth
  • Beastlord Hunter: Reminder of the Eredar War Order
  • Frost Mage: Reminder of the freezing winds
  • Brewmaster-Monk: Reminder of a Celestial Infusion
  • Retribution Paladin: Memory of the momentum of the frontline warrior
  • Saint-Priest: Memory of a harmonious apparatus
  • Deception Rogue: memory of finality
  • Elemental Shaman: memory of the downfall of the skybreaker
  • Affliction-Witchmaster: Reminder of the malignant wrath
  • Weapon Warrior: Reminder of the Exploiter

Other events in the new ID

  • WoW: The bonus week for Shadowlands dungeons begins on February 3
  • WoW: Mortanis - The Shadowlands world boss with 207 loot starting on February 3
  • WoW: Warsong Brawl - Weekly PvP brawl starting on February 3
  • WoW: Guide for the Moon Festival in Azeroth - begins on 05 February 2021
  • WoW: Guide for the Azeroth event Love is in the air - begins on 08 February

We wish you lots of fun and good loot!

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