The Battle of Heroes - Playing Cards

project is currently attracting a lot of attention in the WoW community. It's a fancy card deck with fantastic art nouveau (or simply art nouveau) style illustrations featuring various famous characters from World of Warcraft. The exciting thing is that the artist didn't follow the usual clichés when assigning the card titles. For example, one or two WoW heroines can be seen on the card as kings. A male Warcraft character like Furorion, on the other hand, graces the queen's card.Recommended Editorial ContentAtthis point you will find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your privacy, external content will not be displayed until you click "View all external content":View all externalcontentI agree to viewexternal content.This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. More about this in our privacy policy. External content Read more in ourprivacy policy.

First fundraising goal reached within 8 hours!

The crowdfunding project has already reached four times its original fundraising goal. The targeted 10,240 euros were reached after just eight hours. This is welcome news, not only for the artist, after all, there are supposed to be some "stretch goals". The first goal has already been set: for 12,000 euros or more, the cards will be given a gold edge, and the artist also wants to offer a remastered edition of her first card deck "Aspects, Factions & Legends".

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But back to the new project. Frenone introduces her work with these words:

"I'm so excited to introduce you to my latest project, my fourth playing card deck and first crowdfunding project: Battle of Heroes.... A poker deck featuring beautiful, elegant, hand-illustrated fantasy heroes and adorned symbols.

This project has been 20+ months in the works and I have spent over 500 hours creating the artwork for it. I am incredibly grateful to all my patrons who believed in this project and even helped shape the deck!"

The highlight of the deck is undoubtedly the nifty Joker cards, into which the artist put a particularly large amount of work. These cards feature the famous WoW characters who have something to do with the cycle between death and rebirth. Besides Calia Menethil, the new leader of the dead, the artist shows us the Joker card with the popular Troll Loa Bwonsamdi. A card with the image of Sylvanas is also planned. To go with the deck, there is a richly illustrated guidebook with all sorts of information about the WoW project.

You can still support Frenone and the Battle of Heroes - Playing Cards project with a donation on Kickstarter.

The artist also explains what plans she has for the future of Battle of Heroes and what goodies you can look forward to as a donor.Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thank you!

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