In the patch notes for patch 9.2 of WoW: Shadowlands

, some changes have crept in just before the last minute. When trading gear in patch 9.2, the developers have once again clarified how the rules are defined when trading tier set items and gives an update on Legendary item slots.

From the official post on the US site, it freely translates:

  • Legendary gear no longer contributes to unlocking the highest item level for that item slot for trading.
  • Class set items cannot be traded until a soulbound set item of the same or higher item level has been purchased in that equipment slot.

The specifics of the personal loot system

The Personal Loot system introduces some confusion. Players can only trade a purchased item if they have an item with the same or a higher item level in the same equipment slot. For example, if you receive gloves with item level 252 and only wear gloves with 232 yourself, you will not be able to trade them.

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Therefore, you should always equip the item with the highest item level immediately, even if you don't wear it in battle later. Items in the inventory do not count as equipped until they are actually put on. Players who get new rings or trinkets will immediately drag them into both slots so that the system recognizes them and subsequent rings and trinkets are recognized for possible trade.

Why is this change being made?

The change for set items had already been clear for a few weeks, but it was important to highlight this again. Only those who have already equipped an equal set item in the same slot will be able to give their pet set item to other players next time.

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Both of these changes are primarily focused on hardcore guilds that want to focus equipment on individual characters for the main raid via split runs so that they have the highest item level. This is made a bit more difficult with the tier set change.

A known trick so far was to create legendary items with a high item level once, so that you can trade the next item from the raid or dungeon in the respective slot. Professional guilds invested immense sums for this, sometimes only to create the Legendary blanks once. The second change for Legendary items is to prevent players from putting on 291 Legendary blanks for every possible slot in order to be able to trade as many items as possible.

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