So far, information about WoW Patch 9.1.5 has only sporadically leaked to the surface. We already know that there will be new customization options for allied races and that we will be able to sign up for solo expeditions in the future . But of course it's much nicer to be fully informed by the Blizzard developers about what they're planning for WoW in the near future, and that's exactly what they've done now on the official website.

Planned innovations for WoW patch 9.1.5

A lot of the content mentioned right away should be able to be tested on the PTR from day 1. The missing features and updates will then be added in the course of the testing phase.

Update for the Pacts

  • Players who max fame for their pact will be able to freely switch between the four pacts without cooldowns or other restrictions. Cosmetic rewards, including pets and mounts, granted by that pact will be permanently available thereafter, even if you belong to a different pact. Switching between pacts and using cosmetic rewards will also apply to secondary characters once a character reaches the Rest Threshold.
  • Media energy is removed - Media can be freely traded without restriction.
  • Completing a Pact campaign with one character will allow secondary characters to skip the same Pact campaign and immediately earn the corresponding fame and a third Soul Ribbon without having to replay the entire story.

New Character Customizations

Nightborn and Lightforged draenei will receive a number of new character customizations. Void Elves get more ear size adjustments, Druids get new Traveling Shapes, and Night Fae get new Soul Shapes.

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Time Travel for Legion

Venture back into the dungeons of Legion with Time Walks for Legion and take on the challenges waiting there, including Mythic+ difficulty dungeons. At launch, this event will be active for two weeks, then change to the usual one week duration as part of other bonus events.

Skips the Maw Introduction

Players who have completed the Introduction in the Maw with a character can speak with High Lord Darion Mograine in the capitals to skip this game content with their secondary characters.

Mastering Island Expeditions Solo or as a Group

Players can now queue up for Island Expeditions alone or in groups on Normal, Heroic, or Mythic difficulty and capture heaps of treasure.

Talent and Skill Improvements

In patch 9.1.5, the developers are working on additional updates to various class talents and abilities, including mediums, rune carving, and adjustments to Pact class abilities.

Allied Races Unlock

Allied races such as the Humans of Kul Tiras, Mechagnomes, and Dark Iron Dwarves, which previously required completion of a dungeon to unlock, now no longer require completion of the respective quest to gain access to these races. Players can simply skip them instead.

Additional travel points in the Maw

Players can unlock additional fast travel options from Ve'nari's Refuge to Damnation Stronghold and Desmotaeron within the Maw.

New drop option for Anima

Completing quests for Archivist Roh-Suir grants access to an anima ladder in Korthia that can be used to drop anima directly.

Linking Transmog Sets

Show off your complete transmogrification set in chat or online by simply linking it from within the fitting room. Players can hover over items to see how they can be obtained, if they already own them, or if the template is available to the character viewing them.

Improvements for leveling up with twinks

Level ups with secondary characters in Shadowlands are improved with several new features. These include the addition of another rank for heirloom upgrades and several improvements to Threads of Destiny, including Torghast as an additional option and Fame Retention for completing bonus objectives.

Power adjustments for PvP gear

Low item level PvP gear now scales to a higher item level in PvP situations. This should mitigate the power imbalance somewhat, allowing new characters to feel like they can keep up on Battlegrounds and in Arenas. This adjustment does not affect higher item level PvP gear.

Rune Carving Recipes

The frequency with which runecrafting recipes drop in dungeons will be increased to 100% for all difficulty levels.

Classic Loot Mode for Battle for Azeroth

Classic loot mode will be enabled for level 60 players in all Battle for Azeroth raids and dungeons. This means you will randomly receive loot according to a 5-player dungeon party or a 20-player raid.

How do the new features and improvements of patch 9.1.5 read to you? Tell us in the comments!

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