It's been a long dry spell, but with WoW patch 9.1.5, the developers are finally handing us at least a glass of water (to stick with the metaphor): namely, Wowhead's dataminers have discovered a number of new items on the test server for the upcoming update. These include toys that you can apparently grab during the Noble Garden Festival, Winter Veil Festival, and Solstice Festival.

WoW Patch 9.1.5: Lots of new event toys

Specifically, the dataminers have found the following toys on the PTR for Patch 9.1.5:

  • Fire Festival Batons (Solstice Festival): Add some glitter to your dance moves, 15 minutes cooldown, costs 50 Fireblooms
  • Insulated Dancing Insoles (Solstice Festival): Get hot soles, costs 100 Fireblooms
  • Summer Cranial Skillet (Solstice Festival): You kneel and allow others to boil over your back, ten second cooldown, 150 Fireblooms
  • Eagger Basket (Noblegarden): Increases your speed by 60 percent for ten seconds, only works during the Noblegarden Festival when hiding Dyed Eggs, ten second cooldown, quest reward (A Tisket, a Tasket, a Noblegarden Basket)
  • Spring Florist's Pouch (Noblegarden): You plant a flower, costs 50 Noblegarden Chocolates
  • WinterVeil Chorus Book: You sing a festive song, works only during the WinterVeil Festival, loot from Stolen Gift

In addition, two items for Love is in the Air have appeared in the files, but they are not (yet?) marked as toys:

  • Pouch of Ebon Rose Petals: You shower a nearby target with black rose petals.
  • Pouch of Red Rose Petals: You shower a nearby target with red rose petals.

It is currently unclear whether these items are consumable goods. At least the tooltip lists the items as cosmetic, unique, and bound when picked up. It's also possible that they are simply items that will end up in our inventory, but not in the toy collection.

But now we want to know from you: Do you like the new toys? Do you hope for further innovations for the world events in WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

? Write us your opinion in the comments!


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