Blizzard officials have finally announced the release date for WoW patch 9.1.5! The next update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on November 02 (US) and November 03 (EU) 2021

. Since 9.1.5 is an interim patch, you should not expect any new content that will keep you busy for weeks and months. Instead, there are a lot of small changes.

In the following, we have summarized the highlight new features of patch 9.1.5:

Allied Races

  • New character customizations for Highmountain Tauren, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborn, and Void Elves.
  • Lightforged draenei paladins now have their own class mount: the Lightforged Ruin Prancer.
  • The dungeon quests to unlock Kul Tirans, Mechagnomen, and Dark Iron Dwarves are no longer required. If you have accepted the dungeon quest, you can talk to the NPC again to skip the quest.


  • Some area-of-effect abilities no longer have a target limit and instead deal reduced damage after the 5th or 8th target. The affected abilities are listed in the area of their respective class.


  • Players who reach fame level 80 for their pact can freely switch between the four pacts with no cooldown or other restrictions. Additionally, cosmetic rewards from a pact that has reached fame level 80 can be used regardless of whether the character currently belongs to that pact Switching between pacts and using cosmetic rewards also applies to secondary characters once a character reaches the fame threshold.
  • Media energy has been removed - media can be freely traded without restriction.

Dungeons and Raids

      • When introduced, this event is active for two weeks and then changes to the usual one week duration as part of other bonus events.
      • Time-Walking Dungeons: Raven's Weir, Eye of Azshara, Sinister Heart Thicket, Guardian Dungeon, Neltharion's Hoard, and Court of Stars.
        • Legion Time Walks offer a wondrous opportunity to relive heroic moments of the past: Azeroth's champions will be able to enter the Mage Tower once again. For the duration of the Legion Time Walks, you can try your hand at the original seven different challenges (grouped by the role of your specialization) over and over again.
        • Each challenge involves a series of one-on-one encounters that must be survived to earn rewards. For Legion Time Walks, you don't need an artifact to do this, and you don't even need to have played Legion.
        • You will now receive a Legion-themed armor set for your class for successfully completing a Mage Tower challenge. There is also a new achievement for the most versatile champions of Kirin Tor. Players who complete all seven challenges with different characters on their account will receive a unique flying mount: the Sailing Magic Foliant. In addition, Guardian Druids will also receive a new Devil version of the Werebear creature for completing the Return of the Highlord challenge in the Legion Time Migration.
    • The schedule of weekly bonus events has been adjusted, and Timewalk dungeons now open every three weeks (previously alternating between every third week and every fourth week).
    • Defeating raid bosses in timewalks now counts towards the weekly timewalk quests "A Burning Path Through Time," "A Frozen Path Through Time," and "A Ravaged Path Through Time."
    • The list of available dungeons during time-walking events has been adjusted.
    • While Legion Time Walks are active, players can speak with Ta'hsup in Oribos to obtain an Anachronistic Keystone that grants access to Mythic+ difficulty at the maximum level for the 6 Legion dungeons.
    • Legion dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty entered this way have their own affixes, yield loot of the same item level as in dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty in Shadowlands, and count toward weekly reward options in the Great Treasury.
      • Items obtained in Legion dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty can be upgraded with Valor points, but will not appear in the Grand Treasury.
    • New Affix Hellish - Hellish Fanals can be found near some bosses. When a Fanal is activated or combat is initiated with a nearby boss, it triggers a Legion invasion. Available from an anachronistic keystone level 10 in Legion.

Island Expeditions and Warfronts

  • You can now embark on a Normal, Heroic, or Mythic Island Expedition alone or with a party of up to three players. Talk to Captain Rez'okun in Dazar'alor (Horde) or Finn Schoenwind in Boralus (Alliance) to start your journey alone!
  • Reduced the number of players for normal warfronts in Battle for Stromgarde and Battle for the Dark Coast to 5 (previously 15).

Here's to the full official patch notes for 9.1.5.

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