With WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1, we can finally rid ourselves of the Eye of the Dungeon Master in the Maw and not only use the special Maw mounts, but also travel through the Maw areas on all mounts. Before that, however, we'll be brought up to speed on the machinations of Sylvanas and the Dungeon Master. We already showed you what this looks like in the article WoW Patch 9.1: Unlock Mounts and Remove Eye of the D

ungeon Master.

As you can see below, you will need to complete a total of 30 quests for the entire story and the pre-quest for Korthia. Fortunately, the developers aren't waiting until the end of the patch to let you skip the entire pre-quest with all subsequent characters once you've completed the pre-quest with one character.
WoW Patch 9.1: Bolvar lets you skip the Korthia Pre-Quest (2) Source: buffed

Then you can talk to Bolvar in Oribos and click on the dialogue highlighted in the picture. After that you stand with your second character directly in Korthia and enjoy all bonuses of the Main.

WoW Patch 9.1 - The Korthia Pre-Quest

Battle of Ardenweald

  • The First Move
  • A Gathering of Covenants
  • Voices of the Eternal
  • The Battle of Ardenweald
  • Can't Turn Our Backs
  • The Heart of Ardenweald
  • Report to Oribos

Maw Walkers

  • Opening the Maw
  • Link to the Maw
  • Mysteries of the Maw
  • Korthia, the City of Secrets
  • Who is the Maw Walker?
  • Opening to Oribos
  • Charge of the Covenants

Focusing the Eye

  • A Show of Gratitude
  • Ease of Passage
  • Grab Bag
  • Hearing Aid
  • Birds of a Feather
  • The Caged Bird
  • Claim the Sky
  • A Hate-Hate Relationship
  • Fury Given Voice
  • The Chosen Few
  • Wrath of Odyn
  • Mawsplaining
  • Anger Management
  • Tears of the Damned
  • Focusing the Eye
  • Good News, Everyone!
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