WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1 continues the story of the Dungeon Master's plans. Zovaal is attacking the realms of the Shadowlands and is trying to get his hands on the Seals of the Pact. We already showed you what this is all about in our special The 5 Greatest Secrets of the Dungeon Master.

The dataminers at have dug up the previous placeholder videos surrounding the story in Patch 9.1. One of the in-game videos shows the leaders of the pacts conferring before the Ardenwald is attacked by the Dungeon Master. As Lore experts have already guessed, there are unique powers behind the Pacts' sigils that, when combined, have a powerful effect that Zovaal somehow wants to harness. Only the Seal of Maldraxxus - which cannot be found - and the Judge's Seal are still needed by the Jailer.

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Tal-Inara: In the name of the Judge, we answer the call of the Eternal.
Winter Queen: This brazen attack on the Bastion cries out for vengeance.
Winter Queen: Is your wound, Kyrestia?
Kyrestia: No. But compared to what was stolen, it is insignificant.
Baroness Draka: What did the jailer want?
Winter Queen: Long ago, each of the Eternals received a symbol of the role of our pact.
Winter Queen: But Zovaal saw the seals as keys to forbidden knowledge.
Kyrestia: When we rejected his heresy, he tried to take them by force.
Winter Queen: But the Primus finally led us to victory...
Kyrestia: Zovaal was banished forever for his treachery.
Prince Renethal: But even trapped in the Maw, he found allies.
Prince Renethal: Count Denathrius no doubt gave his seal freely to the exiled.
Baroness Draka: We found no such seal in the Sanctum of Primus.
Kyrestia: The essence of the judge is still here. She needs protection.
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: The Black Blade will help defend the Eternal City.
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: But that will not be the jailer's only goal.
Winter Queen: No. Already I feel his malice threatening my groves.
Baroness Draka: The Necrolords will drive the invaders from the Arden Forest!
Prince Renethal: The Venthyr stand by your troops, Draka.
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon: We will gather the pact groups for battle and stand.
Tal-Nara: With her voice I have spoken.