Do you know why I almost always learn the professions of mining and engineering with my characters since Vanilla WoW? The reason is simply that with engineering I can make some of the coolest head armor in Azeroth, namely goggles. Me. Love. Glasses. So the fact that the WoW developers are adding four new ones to the game in patch 9.1 for transmog fans like me makes me almost happier than any other news about Shadowlands' first major content update.

Me and my glasses fetish

My enthusiasm for glasses actually started quite innocently in WoW (buy now €14,99 ). Back in the vanilla days, when there was no transmog, engineering glasses offered a great opportunity to outfit your character with fashionable head armor even at low levels. I remember vividly how I used to skip the level 10 quests with my low level characters, and instead would farm for ores to get my engineering up to level 100 as quickly as possible.

Then I was finally able to make the flying goggles I had been coveting, for which all I needed was a bit of light leather and two tiger eyes. Proud as punch, I ran around with my latest headdress, feeling like the coolest hero in Azeroth. The fact that I was so excited about an item that was actually pretty ugly in the pre-Transmog days might seem kind of ridiculous from today's perspective. But as a lowbie, the choice was very limited and it took a long time to get head armor that didn't look like our character had pulled a shoe with holes over his face.

As the WoW developers gradually began to introduce more and more complex goggle models into the game, my engineering heart rejoiced. For example, my Discipline Priest from Legion still walks around with his blink trigger head cannon. And anyone can say what they want, I think he just looks absolutely gorgeous with it:
WoW: Patch 9.1 - Why the new glasses are a dream come true for me (1) Source: buffed I've played through tons of glasses models over the lifetime of WoW, always giving my characters the very latest glass fashions and regularly enjoying leveling up my engineering just for it. I will continue to do so with Shadowlands. So I'm all the more pleased that the WoW developers are apparently introducing four new glasses models into the game with patch 9.1, which will give me various new options when transmogging.

Admittedly, the new glasses don't look quite as spectacular as the engineer model my priest is currently wearing. But I can't wait to give my shaman a bookworm outfit or turn my worgen into a hard rocker with the tinted musician glasses.

Do you feel the same way, or do the new glasses in patch 9.1 leave you cold? Let us know in the comments!