Thecute bird Pepe has been bringing us joy since the Warlords of Draenor expansion. He was so well received by players back then that he has constantly received new costumes over time.

With Patch 9.2, we're introduced to a similarly cute sidekick in Zereth Mortis, who accompanies us wherever we go. Pocopoc is a small, round Automa robot that collects Pocopoc energy for us in the new zone, which we need for his upgrades. Using the new feature Ciphers of the First, we keep upgrading the robot until it can even fight for us later on.

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

Costumes for Pocopoc

  • Lovely Pocopoc
  • Pirate Pocopoc
  • Adventurous Pocopoc
  • Admiral Pocopoc
  • Wicked Pocopoc
  • Pocobold
  • Pepepec
  • Chief Pocopoc
  • Dapper Pocopoc

As you can see from the list of nine costumes, you can dress up your Pocopoc for festivities like the Halloween and Love Lies in the Air events, turn him into a pirate, or make him look more like a forearmed adventurer. The Pepepec costume suggests that you can also dress up your robo-companion like Pepe, or have the bird sit on Pocopoc's head.

It is still unclear where you can get the costumes for Pocopoc. According to the dataminers of WoW (buy now ) Head, the costume items can be stacked up to ten times. This suggests that the items can be captured at the specific world events. If we learn more about Pocopoc's costumes from the test realm for Patch 9.2, we will of course let you know here.

What do you think of Pocopoc? Can he outrank Pepe? Write us in the comments.

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