There are millions of different players in WoW - and they all enjoy different things. Some love the raids, others prefer to play mythic-plus dungeons or engage in PvP. Still others are eager to collect mounts or rush headlong into pet battles. With all this, there are plenty of achievements to grab, which should create an additional incentive. For the player Billym

, however, it seems that these achievements are the main incentive. Otherwise it is hardly to be explained that he has invested many hundreds of hours to complete all 4,223 achievements that are currently available in WoW.

Billym is the first player in the world to have collected the maximum number of 36,025 achievement points and has thus practically played through WoW - even if you can't really play through an MMORPG like World of Warcraft (buy now €14.99).
WoW: With 36,015 success points Shadowlands played through - and you so? (1) Source: wowhead
In addition to a lot of time and work, Billym also needed a fair amount of luck. Because some achievements are not specifically to play for, because the associated content is not always available. And so it is not surprising that such an achievement was the last one the player was able to win. Adventures: Into the Breche requires the completion of various adventures at the mission table. Which ones are available, however, depends on chance.

WoW: Played through Shadowlands with 36,015 achievement points - and you like this? (2) Source: wowhead

If you're very picky, you could even argue that Billym still isn't finished. Because although the actual achievement indicator shows 100, it's only at 91 percent for the expansion's features. That's because there are some achievements that, while basically the same in terms of requirement, still differ slightly between pacts (for example, the Sanctum expansion). You only need one of each to complete it, even though they are all listed individually in the relevant sub-item, so you only get 91%.

What about you - how many success points do you currently have?

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