There's an event going on in World of Warcraft with the undead scourge that has invaded Azeroth ahead of the Shadowlands expansion pack release. Funnily enough, one player has found a way to use the zombie invasion to fight bots.

World of Warcraft players are gearing up for the release of the Shadowlands add-on. Blizzard has decided to make their wait more pleasant with a special event: Death's Rising. In accordance with the name, as part of it for a short time to Azeroth hordes of undead arrived, allowing you to either defeat them or join the zombie army and infect other players.

However, this reference to the original 2006 Invasion of the Plague has another use, albeit rather unforeseen by the creators. Reddit user Moxxface has shown that zombies can be used to... mess up farming bots. Usually characters directed by external programs or other scripts have no problems with player attacks - they simply return to their corpses, are resurrected and continue their tasks. However, as the video below shows, after turning into zombies they are completely helpless. At one point there were also a few actual players, probably unhappy with this interference. One of them stated in unflattering words that he earns more than Moxxface and it's not his business that he uses bots. However, he and his accomplices soon gave up, which was evidenced by sudden logouts, at the sight of which the words "rage quit" persistently came to mind.

It's not hard to guess that the WoW community applauded Moxxface's video. The post on Reddit received over 3.3 thousand likes, and both under it and in other forums there were numerous comments unanimously praising the internaut and, of course, mocking players who use bots.

Bots, as well as all kinds of cheating, are a much worse scourge in online games than any undead invasion. Unfortunately, World of Warcraft-style MMORPGs are no exception, something Blizzard is well aware of. The company recently took aim at so-called "multiboxing," which allows "players" to send commands to multiple game clients at once. Back in June, the developers thanked fans for reporting this and other cheats in the production and assured of increased efforts to deal with similar procedures.

Of course, it's impossible to eliminate cheaters completely, or at least so far no one has succeeded in this feat. The only consolation is that we will be able to see more creative ways to fight this kind of "players". Hopefully as often as possible and to the greatest annoyance of the cheaters.