If you want to gain an advantage in the Mage Tower, which is currently playable in WoW Shadowlands thanks to the Legion time migration, you have to reach deep into the bag of tricks due to the scaling. For example, equipment with a particularly large number of sockets gives you an advantage. The stones in them are scaled as well - but they are still additional values that you wouldn't have otherwise. And they can be quite decisive when things get tight.

So it comes in handy that a WoW quest is active for the next two weeks, where you can expect a necklace with three sockets as a reward.

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Archaeology Quest Series

To get this necklace, however, you must have the Archaeology profession.

  • Travel to Dalaran (Legion) and pick up the weekly Archaeology quest"A New Trace" (from the Archaeology teacher in the Crafting Quarter).
  • Then travel to Lessah on the High Mountain and get the follow-up quest"Crystal Eyes". To complete this quest, you will need six High Mountain Ritual Stones. You can get them from archaeological excavations in the Hochberg area. Or you can buy them in the AH.
  • Afterwards you will receive the quest"Drug Deception", which will lead you to a cave, where you will find Gelmogg - and kill him. As a reward for this quest you will receive the Victory Stone Throat Ribbon.

As you can see, the quest is quite quick and easy tocomplete, and the reward is quite useful for the Mage Tower . Thereare stronger alternatives - for example the old Legendarys Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus, but they are more difficult to get, especially with Twinks.

Remember that this quest is only active for two weeks and will disappear on December 28, 2021!

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