Once you have reached the maximum level of 60 in WoW Shadowlands and explored the new zones, you can join a pact. Each of the four pacts offers its champions a base ability, a class-specific ability, mounts and cosmetic rewards, as well as access to a pact sanctum that can be unlocked gradually through an epic campaign and other activities.

In terms of the main story, the Kyrians in the Bastion zone have a special significance. The task of the angelic guides is to protect the many souls of the just deceased as they enter the Shadowlands. For some unknown reason, they are currently being drawn directly into the so-called Maw, an abyss of no return. As if that were not fatal enough, the Shadowlands are also being shaken by upheaval, preventing the Kyrians from fulfilling their mission.

Set against this backdrop are the quests that introduce you to the Kyrians and later allow for your advancement as a member of the Kyrians.
WoW Shadowlands:Kyrian Pact Selection Source: buffed If you have reached level 60 with your main character and have played through the general story campaign or have chosen the alternative path "Threads of Fate" with your second character, you can start directly with the pact selection with him. To do this, go to the Shadowlands metropolis of Oribos and speak to the NPC Tal'Inara. He will ask you to consult the representatives of the four pacts present, who will tell you about the class and signature abilities, as well as the mounts and armor sets of the pact in question. After that, choose your pact and head to the specified destination in the pact zone. This is where the epic Pact campaign begins, with chapters, quests, and rewards detailed below.

Covenant Campaign of the Kyrians - Patch 9.0.x

The Necrolords' Pact Campaign currently includes the following chapters and will once again take you to several Shadowlands zones. It will be expanded with the upcoming patches. Important: Completing a full chapter grants 1 glory level.

Table of Contents

  1. 1AmongKyrians, Maw & Torghast
  2. 2The Test of Ascension
  3. 3Phaestus, Genesis of the Aeons
  4. 4RighteousVengeance
  5. 5TheSeal of Repentance
  6. 6AVessel of the Ardenwald
  7. 7Thenoose tightens
  8. 8Thebell tolls

Among Kyrians, Maw & Torghast

WoW Shadowlands:Kyrian - The pact is sealed Source: buffed This chapter introduces you to the Pact. Here you will gain both of your Pact abilities, enter your first of three Soulbonds (Pelagos), and unlock the Shadowlands World Quests, Vocations, Weekly Glory Quests, and the Runemason in Torghast.

  • Report to Adrestes
  • Among Kyrians
  • A Reasonable Reception - Rewards: Class Pact skill and Kyrian Pact skill Summon Provost
  • The Elysian Fortress
  • Of High Glory
  • The Path Nourishes
  • A Call to Help
  • A call from the bastion
  • Our most precious resource
  • The reservoir awaits
  • A unique opportunity
  • Friends in dark places
  • Establish rules
  • Rule number 1: Have an escape plan
  • Rule number 2: Keep a low profile
  • Rule number 3: Trust must be earned
  • Hopeful news
  • Back to Adrestes
  • It all comes together
  • Improving the fortress - Reward: Gloves of the Pact Set
  • It's dangerous to be alone
  • Soul Meets Body - Reward: Soul Bond Pelagos
  • Strengthen the bond
  • A Medium for Good - Reward : Multiple Mediums
  • Our Eternal Quest - Reward : World Quests & Glory
  • Call of the High Lord
  • In Torghast
  • The Quest for Baine
  • Prison of the Forgotten
  • Deep within
  • Reawakening
  • A cursed contract
  • A grave opportunity
  • The Weakest Link - Reward: Unlock Runemasonry

The Trial of Ascension

WoW Shadowlands:Flight to the Elysian Stronghold Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available at fame level 5.

  • The Trial of Ascension
  • Smoke Burner of Leadership
  • Misfit Mentors - Reward : Cloak of the Covenant
  • Off through the Veil
  • No Day Like Any Other
  • Meal Time!
  • Milli's Garden
  • Wood for Seenhain
  • The last battle of Seenhain
  • The home of the soul
  • Trust through the darkness
  • Ascended - Reward: Trousers of the Pact Set
  • The onslaught of the spurned
  • Forged in the Fire of Trials - Reward: Soul Bond Kleia & Glory
  • The Spires of Ascension (Dungeon Quest) - Reward : Glory & 750 Anima

Phaestus, Genesis of the Aeons

WoW Shadowlands:Mikanikos' Forge Hammer - Phaestus, Genesis of the Aeons Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available at fame level 8.

  • The Eternal Forge
  • Provost and Provost like to socialize
  • Refined Ego
  • Instruments of Perfection
  • Phaestus, Genesis of the Aeons - Reward: Bracers of the Pact Set
  • A partner for eternity
  • Offensive Dismantling
  • A heart for blacksmiths
  • It all starts with the foundation - Re ward: Phalynx of Courage & Glory

Righteous Retribution

WoW Shadowlands:The chapter "Righteous Retribution" takes you to Maldraxxus Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available at fame level 11.

  • An expected visitor
  • A dangerous journey
  • Stronger together
  • Flying and fighting
  • Justice from above
  • The butchers of the bastion
  • Dark Developments
  • Descended - Reward: Belt of the Pact Set
  • Burn before reading
  • An abrupt end
  • Trouble on the Western Front
  • Charge the Blade
  • Air Domination
  • Sinister Intentions
  • Power of the Chosen One
  • This is the end
  • Strive for Justice - Reward: Shoulders of the Pact Set
  • Take Heart
  • Return to the Fortress
  • Emblem of Grandeur - Reward: Glory

The Seal of Remorse

WoW Shadowlands:The Radiant Wreath of the Kyrians (Tier 1 Cloak) Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available at fame level 13.

  • Support from Fall of Sin
  • Flight and flow of information
  • Eyes of the Master
  • Gothic Fashion
  • Splinters of the Countess
  • Dust Catcher
  • Deep into the Glass - Reward: Radiant Wreath of theSelfless
  • Sins of the Past
  • The Land of Light
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Under cover of darkness
  • Scourged by the light
  • The folly of envy
  • A word of farewell
  • The Seal of Repentance - Reward: Helm of the Pact & Glory

A Vessel of the Ardenwald

WoW Shadowlands:Zandalari Troll Shaman in full Pact Armor and with Epic Mount of the Kyrians Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available at fame level 17.

  • The Meeting with the Queen
  • Who are you fooling?
  • Trinkel tempered
  • Backstage
  • Collecting Pelagos
  • Lousy mites - Reward: Boots of the Pact Set
  • Gorm, go away!
  • The blue seed
  • Seed go!
  • I dreamed long ago
  • A bittersweet prize
  • Heart of the Emblem
  • A New Age - Rewards: Eternal Phalynx of Courage, Pet Larvi, Selfless Wings of the Ascended & Glory.

The Noose Tightens

WoW Shadowlands:Tough elite quests await you in the finale Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available from fame level 20. Here you can complete the Kyrian Pact Set, among other things.

  • Tracking Lysonia
  • Aerial Reconnaissance
  • Sacred Scrolls of Humility
  • Devoted to Pride
  • Compassion, Blade of Humility
  • Warped by the Maw
  • Addicted to their vices - Reward: Selfless Seal of the Archon
  • Lysonia's Plan
  • The power of the Maw
  • One step too far
  • No longer Kyrian
  • Her Imposed Will - Re ward: Breast Armor of the Covenant Set
  • Time of Reflection
  • Touch of Humility - Reward: Glory

The bell toll


WoW Shadowlands:Thenios takes Uther under his wing Source: buffed This chapter of the Kyrian campaign is available from fame level 22.

  • Gather the Paragons
  • Before the dawn
  • The Greater Good
  • Kyrestia's Favor - Reward: Anima orb for a raid browser weapon or sidearm/shield from Castle Nathria
  • A Bond Earned - Reward : Soul Bond of Mikaniko
  • Our realm in our hands - Reward: Glory
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