Once you have reached the maximum level of 60 in WoW Shadowlands and explored the new zones, you can join a pact. Each of the four pacts offers its champions a base ability, a class-specific ability, mounts and cosmetic rewards, as well as access to a pact sanctum that can be unlocked gradually through an epic campaign as well as other activities.

The Venthyr rule the fortresses and endless twilight of Revendreth, while arrogant souls are delivered to their table. The punishments are cruel and strip their slaves of all pride, but in doing so they spare them an even worse fate: eternal torment in the maw. But after eons of service, corruption spreads among those who were once accusers. Rumor has it that Denathrius, First among the Venthyr, is in league with the Maw's jailer. Prince Renathal and his allies are determined to prevent this.

Set against this backdrop are the quests that introduce you to the Venthyr and later enable your advancement as a member of the Venthyr.
WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - Pact Selection Source: buffed If you have reached level 60 with your main character and have played through the general story campaign or have chosen the alternative path "Threads of Fate" with your second character, you can start directly with the pact selection with him. To do this, go to the Shadowlands metropolis of Oribos and speak to the NPC Tal'Inara. He will ask you to consult the representatives of the four pacts present, who will tell you about the class and signature abilities, as well as the mounts and armor sets of the pact in question. After that, choose your pact and head to the specified destination in the pact zone. This is where the epic Pact campaign begins, with chapters, quests, and rewards detailed below.

Venthyr Pact Campaign - Patch 9.0.x

The Venthyr Pact Campaign currently includes the following chapters and will once again take you to several Shadowlands zones. It will be expanded with the upcoming patches. Important: Completing a full chapter grants 1 glory level.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Fall of Sin, Maw & Torghast
  2. 2The Harvester's Court
  3. 3Covetousness
  4. 4Habbit
  5. 5TheCrowned Prince
  6. 6Confrontation ofSin
  7. 7Envy
  8. 8Ruling

Fall of Sin, Maw & Torghast

WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - The pact is sealed Source: buffed This chapter introduces you to the Pact. Here you will gain both of your Pact abilities, enter your first of three Soulbonds (Nadja, the Mistblade), and unlock the Shadowlands World Quests, Vocations, Weekly Glory Quests, and the Runecutter in Torghast.

  • Report to Draven
  • Fall of Sin
  • Harvester's Court - Reward: Shadow Gate
  • Holy Pact
  • Anima Awakening - Reward: Class Pact Ability
  • Paths to Glory
  • Spoils of the Court
  • A Call to Help
  • A Call from Revendreth
  • Anima is power
  • The reservoir waits
  • Soul in distress
  • Back to the darkness
  • Set the rules
  • Rule number 1: Have an escape plan
  • Rule number 2: Keep a low profile
  • Rule number 3: Trust must be earned
  • Hopeful News
  • Souls for Fall - Reward: Gloves of the Covenant Set
  • Coalition of the willing
  • Listen to the hammering
  • Binding Power - Reward : Soul Tape Plague Inventor Nadja, the Mist Blade
  • Strengths of the Bond - Reward: Multiple Mediums
  • A medium for change
  • Our True Providence - Reward : World Quests & Glory
  • Call of the High Lord
  • In Torghast
  • The Quest for Baine
  • Prison of the Forgotten
  • Deep Within
  • Reawakening
  • A cursed contract
  • A grave opportunity
  • The Weakest Link - Reward: Unlock Runemasonry

The Harvester's Court

WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - The Court of Harvesters Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 5.

  • Neutral Ground
  • The Prince's Guard
  • Invitation for the Countess
  • Invitation for the Tenth Lord
  • Invitation for the Stonecutter
  • Harvester of desire
  • Harvester of envy
  • Harvester of Wrath
  • The Court - Reward : Bracers of the Pact Set
  • Soulmate - Reward : Soul Band Theotar & Glory


WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - With this masquerade you will reach your quest goal Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 8.

  • Medallion of Desire
  • A manor in the old gate
  • The Key to Rebuilding
  • Rebuild the Household
  • Reclaim the Thorn Hill Estate
  • A discreet entrance
  • You can't negotiate on an empty stomach
  • Kill the messenger
  • Invitation to betrayal
  • "Accidental" arson - Reward: Pact trousers
  • Beautiful but deadly
  • Mix in, mix in and mix up
  • Immediate justice
  • Neither Enemy Nor Ally - Reward: Unlocking the Countess as a guest for the Gluthof (Venthyr Sanctum Special) & Fame


WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - Questing with Kael'thas Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 11.

  • Medallion of Avarice
  • The Curator
  • Observer Emil
  • Scour the Catacombs
  • Breakout
  • Lead the way - Reward: Belt of the Pact Set
  • Special Access
  • Eye for Amulet
  • Crypt Cracker
  • The Traitor - Reward : Helmet of the Pact Set
  • Mirror, Mirror... - Reward : CryptGargon
  • Return to Fall of Sin - Reward : Glory

The Crowned Prince

WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - Questing in Bastion Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 13.

  • How to Wear Seven Medallions
  • Hidden Mirror
  • An unrelaxed reunion
  • Reparation - Reward : Cloak of the Pact Set
  • No friend of mine
  • From old to new
  • A perfect hoop
  • Phaestus, Genesis of the Aeons
  • Crown of the Harvesters
  • Heavy weighs the head...
  • Citadel of Loyalty
  • Lower your guard
  • A lack of loyalty
  • Courage in the face of fear
  • The Prince's New Crown - Reward: Boots of Pact & Glory

Confrontation of Sin

WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - Kael'thas is freed and confronted with his sins of the past Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 17.

  • Confrontation of Sin
  • Worthy of Salvation
  • The Many Sins of Kael'thas Sunwalker
  • In the shadow of our failure
  • Graves Left Behind
  • Learning to sacrifice
  • Using my strengths
  • Each must bear his own sins - Reward: Kael'thas' dark sinstone necklace (Cloak Transmog)
  • Accompanying Kael'thas
  • Blackness Traitor
  • Maldraxxic weapons
  • Incriminating documents
  • Exploration... for my, uh, recreation
  • Destruction of end of life
  • Strategic liquidations
  • Lady Ouix'Ara
  • Enough revenge for one day - Reward: Breast Armor of the Pact Set & Glory


WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - Turmoil in the Stoneguard Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 20.

  • Turmoil in Stoneguard
  • An Unwelcome Encroachment - Reward: TithingToy Container
  • Teeth and Minds
  • Third Claw Vartox
  • Break the Chain
  • After them!
  • To the manor
  • The Tenth Lord - Reward: Should ers of the Pact Set & Glory


WoW Shadowlands:Venthyr - The Gate to Maldraxxus Source: buffed This chapter of the Venthyr campaign is available at fame level 22.

Note: To complete this chapter, you will need the full Laurent quest series, which begins with "An Awkward Situation". The NPC is located in Revendreth at coordinates 26.4, 49.0. The "Breadcrumbs" quest "A Master of His Trade" in Fall of Man will also lead you to Laurent.

  • Mirror to Maldraxxus
  • The Medallion of Domination - Reward: Vrednic Battlegargon, General Draven Soulbound, Glory & anima orbs for a raid browser weapon or sidearm/shield from Castle Nathria
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