In the second step, the designers looked at Sindragosa's Breath because the attack consumes a lot of rune power, causing Frost Death Knights to be unable to cast a Frost Strike for an extended period of time every two minutes. In WoW's official forums, Community Manager Toschayju has now explained how the developers wanted and intend to solve this problem.

"Our first approach to solving this was to increase the chance that Rune Refresh would trigger during Sindragosa's Breath. This gave the rotation more resources during the duration of 'Sindragosa's Breath'. While this solution was in the right place ('Sindragosa's Breath' devours resources, so the spell needs to generate new ones to keep the rotation from stalling), the timing was not right to get resources back. Even though the spell itself gobbles resources, players put all available resources into it to optimize the talent. They can be shifted to the appropriate time slot for Sindragosa's Breeze by using Boost Rune Weapon, Horn of Winter, and strategically saving up. However, this means that during the duration of the spell, newly generated resources will even be surplus.

The goal of the current change - Sindragosa's Breath refunds runes at the beginning and end - is to generate new resources outside of Sindragosa's Breath's time window. Even the runes added at the beginning are effectively "outside" of that time window, because they counteract the two saved runes that would normally be needed to effectively use the spell.

As always, these changes aren't final, but this will give you a little insight into how we're going about spot fixing specific issues."

What do you guys think of the current fix? Are you otherwise happy with your Frost Death Knight? Let us know in the comments!

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