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Update, 10/21/2021

: After Wowhead's dataminers recently discovered that we are not allowed to use a number of abilities and effects in the Mage Tower with patch 9.1.5, another restriction has now been determined. Because in addition to pact abilities and co, we also have to do without the soul bond traits if we want to tackle the challenges of the Mage Tower. We have added to the list of banned abilities and effects below accordingly.

Original message

: The upcoming patch 9.1.5 brings lots of adjustments and facilitations, especially for twinks, but not really notable content for max-level players. With one exception: the return of the Mage Tower as part of the Legion Time Migration. Then we get to face the seven different scenarios with our heroes and show off our skills there. Many players have been preparing their Twinks for weeks. Whoever successfully completes all seven scenarios will be rewarded with a mount. However, you need at least three different classes, which need to be upgraded and equipped. The latter doesn't seem to be important.

Scaling and banned skills

Because as is now clear, equipment doesn't matter. Instead, all characters will have the same requirements. Blizzard will "normalize" the players for this, according to their own information. What exactly that is, they have not revealed. However, dataminers found a stat template in the game files for patch 9.1.5, as it was used in Legion, for example, in PvP. This indicates that all characters simply have to create their scenario with the same stats - and that better equipment doesn't play a role.

: The features of WoW: Legion in the detailed trailer.

Also, a list has been found that contains various abilities related to the Mage Tower. This is most likely a blacklist of things that do not work in the Mage Tower. At least the matching text "Can't use that in Mage Tower" and "Disabled during Mage Tower Timewalking" were found.
Things on this list include:

  • All Pact AbilitiesAll
  • Signature AbilitiesAll
  • MediumsAll
  • Shadowlands
  • effectsAll
  • Frost Domination Shard effects
  • Soulbond traitsMany
  • other effects from past expansionsFor example,
    • the Legendary Ring from Legion or the Sha-Touched gems from Pandaria

Thanks to the list form, developers can easily add or take down abilities to the list on short notice.

But what's most interesting is that while the mediums are on the list, the actual talents of the Soul Band are not. And the effects of Blood and Unholy Domination shards are nowhere to be found either. This, of course, doesn't make too much sense. Therefore, we can assume that these will still be added.

How do you like the variant of all characters being brought up to the same level to complete the scenarios in the Mage Tower? Or would you rather have had the option of farming out the content?

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